Top Virtual Signs for Warehouse Safety

Top Virtual Signs for Warehouse Safety

Virtual signage systems are a durable and adaptable alternative to traditional safety signs. Using powerful LED gobo projection, Projected Image provides high visibility warehouse safety signs that can last up to five years, even in harsh conditions such as dusty and wet environments. 

To learn more about why to opt for virtual signage over traditional floor markings, check out our top 5 reasons to opt for virtual signage.

Are looking to upgrade your warehouse safety signage with virtual signs? Unsure of what signs to use with gobo projection? Check out our handy guide below looking at our top selling virtual signs for warehouse safety.

Caution Signage

It is of high importance that your safety signs are visible in the warehouse, particularly when warning workers of hazards. Virtual signs offer bold projections with standard yellow caution and warning signs.


Safety Floor Markings

One of the main reasons to incorporate virtual signs into your safety signage systems is durability. After struggling with forklift trucks causing floor markings to chip and fade, our customers make the switch to projected signage for safety floor markings that last.



Wayfinding Signage 

Utilising virtual signs for your wayfinding signage provides highly visible directions for workers that ensures everyone travels safely around the warehouse, whether that be vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


PPE Signs

Ensure workers are wearing appropriate protective equipment and adhering to health and safety policies with highly visible safe PPE signs that can be projected onto any surface. Our gobo projectors are IP65 rated and can withstand dusty, dirty and wet conditions, perfect for busy work sites and handwashing areas.


Safe Condition Signs

Project clear and visible safe condition signs with projected signage. Whether you are after fire exit signs or are looking for first aid signs to direct workers for medical needs, our durable gobo projectors ensure visible signage that won’t fade. 


Virtual Signage Bundles

If you are still unsure how to incorporate virtual signage solutions in your warehouse, why not check out our range of virtual signage bundles. Providing everything you need to start utilising virtual signs alongside your safety signage system.

Forklift Safety Bundle

The forklift safety signage bundle provides everything you need for durable floor markings in your warehouse to improve warehouse safety. 


Signage Projection Bundle

Customise your safety signage system with this high powered virtual signage projector bundle.


Custom Signage

For a more bespoke virtual signage solution, talk to one of our projection experts, who can help design a custom warehouse safety signage solution for you. We can assess the lighting levels in your warehouse, current signage, and how large you are wanting your floor markings, and recommend a suitable gobo projector and gobo to fit perfectly in your space. To get started, get in touch with our team of projection experts.