Projected Safety Signage Solutions

Projected forklift safety sign on a warehouse floor, surrounded by forklift trucks.

Projected Safety Signage Systems

Recent data from the Health and Safety Executive shows that, in Great Britain, there were 123 fatal accidents in the workplace (April 2021 March 2022). Top of the list for these are from falling and moving objects and vehicles. As the Health and Safety industry continues to be more of a focus and importance to protect staff and customers increases, employers in high risk industries have a duty of care to place more emphasis on signage. Having a suitable safety signage system is essential to reduce risks in the workplace, as well as protecting your workforce to ensure you meet health and safety regulations.

Here at Projected Image, we are providing a solution for bright, visible and durable warehouse safety signage for long-lasting and affordable health and safety signage solutions. While metal, acrylic, PVC and painted signage are commonly used, these are easily tarnished, and can fade quickly in high traffic areas. Meaning staff can often not see signs on-site, especially in industries and environments that use heavy machinery and handling equipment that requires greater situational awareness.

Virtual signage gives you the opportunity to design a bespoke, adaptable and long-lasting safety signage solution. Projected signage is visible on any surface and can’t be covered by debris, never fades and requires little to no surface preparation for installation. Whether you’re looking to avoid the ongoing and repetitive costs, and business downtime, associated with replacing safety signage in warehouse, construction and office environments, virtual signage is a sleek and easily-adaptable solution. The versatility of our health and safety signage systems mean they can be used in public spaces, such as retail stores, supermarkets and schools or hospitals. The wide range of projected signage at Projected Image has something to suit your needs and business.

Sign Blindness

The term coined sign blindness has been proven to occur after a very short period of time when working in the same location. This can occur due to several different reasons, such as too many similar signs, you’ve seen the signage too many times, the size of the sign, visibility due to poor lighting, or there are obstacles and debris covering safety markings. 

All of these factors can be overcome with projected signage. Our range of gobo projectors for signage are upwards of 20,000 lumens which will be the highest visible health and safety signage in your workplace. A common problem with signage can be obstacles blocking visibility, projected signage can’t be blocked as it is projected over and on-top of any surface.

Projected Image safety signage can be custom sizes to fit your space, making sure your health and safety signs are highly visible, even at a distance. If you require a site visit, get in touch with our team to see if we can organise an onsite consultation. This means we can measure the height of your space and area you need, designing a bespoke signage solution for your business.

Safety Signs Catalogue

The most important components of any efficient and legally-compliant signage system are the safety signs themselves. That’s why, at Projected Image, we offer an extensive range of bold, clear and internationally-recognised safety signs to ensure that compulsory information, cautions and warnings are delivered instantly and without room for misinterpretation.

Here at Projected Image, we offer a range of bold and clear safety signs that are internationally-recognised, ensuring that your signage systems deliver compulsory and legally-compliant instructions to keep your workforce safe. Covering mandatory health and safety signs including fire signage, first aid signs and directional signage, as well as specialist safety signage to control and direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Our expansive collection of health and safety signs are designed to offer you all you need for your space.

Available in a range of colours and designs to suit your needs, the full range of health and safety signage at Projected Image are made from high-quality glass which can be quickly slotted into your projector. Their easy installation and ability to switch out the sign makes them ideal for use in environments which change regularly.

Unlike traditional and painted signage which can fade and tarnish quickly, projected safety signage is a bright and bold alternative which does not fade in high traffic areas. Projected signage is an easily adaptable system that can adapt with your business, whilst being cost-effective.

Projected warehouse safety sign on a warehouse floor.

Customisable Warehouse Signs and Lines

After vast experience creating bespoke safety signage systems for clients, the team at Projected Image have developed a comprehensive knowledge of safety signs required in a variety of environments. From directional arrows and caution lines suitable for forklift traffic areas, to safety hazard signs for use in dangerous spaces, we can recommend safety signs best-suited to your needs from our collection.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, our designs can be tailored to your specifications, with choices available between monochrome, single colour, two colour and full colour glass. If you’re interested in creating your own safety signs, simply make a request through our custom gobos, or contact our team through our get in touch page.

    • Crossing Signage
    • Fire Assembly Signs
    • First Aid Signage
    • Emergency Exit Signs
    • Directional Arrows
    • Forklift and Machinery Signage
    • Warning Signs
    • Instructional Signage
    • Environmental Hazard Signs
    • Caution Signs
    • No Smoking Signs
    • Stop Sign
Forklift safety sign projected onto a warehouse floor using a gobo projector.

The Benefits of Projected Safety Signage Systems

Projected signage solutions are an innovative way to meet safety sign requirements on your site. Unlike traditional and painted signs, projection signage systems are durable and can withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic, making it a more cost effective solution. Projection for safety signs is also more adaptable than traditional methods, if you need to update your signs or expand the area covered, new gobos and projectors can be ordered and installed, a much quicker solution compared to getting your floor safety markings repainted.

Whether you’re investing in a fully-projected signage system for your workspace, or are looking to switch to gobo projection in the most heavily-trafficked areas of your warehouse, discover the benefits of our virtual safety signage systems in our dedicated blog.

Large scale gobo projection in an art gallery, with patterned floor markings.

Why Choose Projected Image?

The leading designers and manufacturers of projected safety signage in the UK, the team at Projected Image offer a comprehensive service to those looking to upgrade their signage systems. Available for site visits, our team can advise on which gobo projectors are best-suited to your space, as well as ensuring you get the correct health and safety signs for your needs.

If you’re interested in designing a projected health and safety signage system, get in touch with our team by calling us on +441912659832. Alternatively, send us an email to with some information about your requirements and a member of our team will get back to you.

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