5 Reasons to Opt for Virtual Signage in your Warehouse

Yellow loading bay safety sign projected onto a warehouse floor using LED gobo projectors.

In bustling warehouse environments, prioritising health and safety is paramount to ensure the safety of everyone on-site. Traditional and painted floor markings can deteriorate rapidly in busy warehouses, especially those with heavy traffic from forklift trucks. This deterioration can cause the closure of warehouse areas for repainting safety signs, incurring both high costs and operational interruptions.

Virtual signage is a durable and highly visible alternative to painted floor markings, using high-powered LED gobo projection. Here, we look at 5 reasons to opt for virtual signage in your warehouse over traditional signage methods:

1. Durability

Virtual signage presents a remarkably durable solution that withstands the rigours of heavy machinery and forklift trucks, unlike painted floor markings. Our IP65 rated gobo projectors are designed to endure dusty, wet, or humid conditions, ensuring that your safety signage remains visible at all times, and for a long time.

2. Visibility

LED floor signs offer exceptional visibility even in challenging warehouse conditions. Unlike painted safety floor markings, our virtual signs can be projected onto nearly any surface, preventing the accumulation of dust or dirt over your health and safety signage. With powerful signage projectors ranging between 4000 and 20000 lumens, we guarantee high visibility virtual safety signage across warehouses with varying lighting levels, without compromising safety.

3. Fully Bespoke Safety Signage

At Projected Image, our team of projection experts are dedicated to assisting you in crafting a fully custom safety signage system tailored to your warehouse. We conduct thorough assessments based on lighting levels, coverage area, and ceiling height to recommend the optimal gobo projector for your business, ensuring that your safety signs and floor markings are highly visible. Your virtual signs can be bespoke to reflect your business identity and branding. Whether you require standard safety signage or incorporation of your company logo, our team of specialists can design the perfect virtual signage solution to meet your requirements.


Warehouses are dynamic environments that constantly evolve to meet operational demands. Changes in operations, such as scaling up or introducing new product lines, may necessitate adjustments to warehouse layouts or the installation of new safety signage and floor markings, leading to area closures for repainting floor markings. With Projected Image’s adaptable virtual signage systems, you can effortlessly relocate your gobo projector to the required location and project your warehouse safety signage without waiting for paint to dry. Alternatively, if your signage needs updating, you can easily order a new custom gobo and replace the existing one in your signage projector.


Painting your warehouse can incur significant costs, especially if frequent repainting is required due to chipping and fading in high-traffic areas. This not only includes the expense of repainting but also the operational disruptions caused by area closures. At Projected Image, our signage gobo projectors offer up to 50,000 hours of lamp life, allowing your virtual signage to project floor markings for up to five years before considering repurchasing. This means long-term cost savings and minimised business downtime, allowing you to continue operations as normal.

Virtual signage goes beyond warehouse signage solutions; we also offer a range of indoor gobo projectors suitable for events, as well as retail and hospitality signage. Discover more about the diverse applications of virtual signage on our blog. If you’re interested in creating a durable, adaptable, and bespoke signage solution for your warehouse, reach out to our team of projection experts who can assist in creating a cost-effective virtual signage solution tailored to your space.