What is Projected Safety Signage?

Projected warehouse safety signage uses powerful LED gobo projectors to display health and safety signs on floors, walls and doors.

Give way floor marking and zebra crossing sign projected onto a warehouse floor.

Highly Visible & HSE Compliant Warehouse Safety Signage

Ensuring the safety and smooth-running of a warehouse or industrial environment is an essential responsibility of any business. It is important that your health and safety signs keep your workers safe, as well as follow HSE guidance and regulations. 

Warehouse safety signage can be extremely difficult to maintain. People often choose painted signage for warehouse floor markings, to warn pedestrians of forklifts and other hazards. In high traffic areas of busy warehouses, these traditional safety signs and painted floor markings can chip and fade rapidly from heavy use of forklift trucks and machinery. These faded safety signs can be extremely problematic, causing workers to become ‘sign blind’ and not be aware of the hazards, increasing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

These problems can easily be solved with the adoption of our virtual signage systems.

Why Choose Projected Warehouse Safety Signage?

In order to be compliant with HSE regulations your safety signs have ‘to be bright enough to be seen’ and ‘must be properly maintained so that they are capable of performing the function for which they are intended.’

The never-fading alternative to traditional safety signage for warehouses, projected signage provides little to no maintenance of your safety signs.

Projected signage of a zebra crossing on warehouse floor.
  • Our high powered LED gobo projectors offer up to five years of lamp life, meaning your floor markings won’t fade. 

  • You can also project your warehouse safety signage over almost any surface, even is dusty and dirty conditions.

  • Our innovative virtual signage offers quick installation with minimal business downtime.

  • Our gobo projectors offer adaptability. If your layout changes on site, you can simply move the projectors and continue to project your warehouse floor markings.

Where Safety Shines Brightly, Leading the Industry in Projected Signage

At Projected Image, we are industry leaders in virtual signage solutions, we have worked with a range of large clients such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes and BAE Systems for large scale signage projects, transforming their warehouse safety signage to improve safety on-site. Established in 1999 we have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in projection and design.

Our projection experts work closely with clients in order to design bespoke signage solutions and ensure our projected signage fits alongside their current painted floor markings and warehouse safety signage. We are also one of two gobo manufacturers in the UK, meaning your safety signs are made in-house, and tested by our projection experts to ensure the highest quality safety signage.

To learn how projected signage can help you, get in touch with our team of projection experts today.

Yellow projected floor markings on a shop floor.

"You provided us with expert knowledge and guidance. This level of service and the quality of your product is what convinced us that you were the right company. I have been impressed with the capabilities of the projector despite being used in a very well lit environment it provides a clear and bright image." - Project Manager at Siemens Gamesa Renewables

Site Visits for Virtual Signage

If you are looking to upgrade your warehouse safety signage but aren’t sure where to start with projected signs, why not book a Projected Image site visit?

Our projection experts can survey your site and bespoke warehouse safety signage requirements. But what are the benefits of a site visit?

  • Our experts assess what virtual signage would work in your business, as well as where these will fit in alongside your current signage and floor markings.
  • We carry out detailed measurements for bespoke safety signage systems tailored to your warehouse space. Our projection experts ensure that you get the right gobo projector to suit the warehouse environment's size, colours and existing lighting conditions.
  • The studio team pull together a comprehensive quote for your bespoke safety signage solution, based on our site survey.

To book a site visit, or find out more information on warehouse safety signage, contact our expert team to get started.

Alternatively, watch our video to learn more about the benefits of site visits.

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