Warehouse Safety Signage Systems

Give way floor marking and zebra crossing sign projected onto a warehouse floor.

Warehouse Safety Signage Systems

Commonly considered to be busy, heavily trafficked environments that are regularly dominated by unseen hazards, ensuring the safety and smooth-running of a warehouse or factory is an essential responsibility of any business. This responsibility can be made easier with the intelligent, adaptable warehouse signage solutions available at Projected Image.

Designed as a long-lasting and money-efficient alternative to outdated methods that wear away with time, such as painted warehouse floor markings, our projected industrial signs are easy to install, move and change, allowing warehouse directors to adhere to updated hazard warning regulations seamlessly while ensuring their operations never fall behind.

If you’re looking for ways to drive efficiencies in an industrial setting and are in need of a warehouse signs and lines system that can adapt to your current layout, then get in touch with the team at Projected Image. Capable of creating custom safety gobo designs and making recommendations on the most suitable projection solutions for your space, we will deliver all the elements you need to logically direct the flow of forklift and worker traffic across different stations, create safe walkways free of hazards and ensure safety precautions are taken to protect workers and equipment. To discover more about the benefits of our projected directional and safety signage solutions, visit our blog where we discuss everything from keeping costs down to customisable safety signs.

Adaptable Warehouse Signage Systems

After years of working alongside leaders in the manufacturing, construction and industrial sectors, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the needs of factory managers when devising logical layouts. As such, the team at Projected Image have created an expansive collection of safety, instructional and directional signage designs that can help to organise the flow of traffic in any warehouse space.

A smarter choice than the alternative of semi-permanent signage options that will require repeated investment due to repairs, repaints, reorganisations or updated regulations, our projected warehouse signage systems allow for complete adaptability. Simply move your gobo projectors to their new positions and swap out the image inserts as needed to create a new layout that suits your requirements - no costly site closures or time-intensive installation required for your warehouse safety signage.

Projected Warehouse Floor Markings

Industrial floor markings play a critical role in guiding workflow, and enhancing safety. Unlike warehouse floor paint that is susceptible to fading, our projected warehouse safety floor markings offer a durable and long-lasting alternative. With our gobo projectors, businesses can enjoy vibrant and clearly defined safety floor markings that resist the challenges posed by heavy machinery and foot traffic, ensuring longevity and visibility over time.

Gobo projectors provide a dynamic solution, allowing for quick updates and modifications to warehouse markings without the hassle of repainting. The flexibility of these safety projectors ensures that changes in the warehouse layout or safety guidelines can be effortlessly accommodated, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses striving to maintain a safe and organised workspace. To learn more about the projected warehouse safety floor markings, check out our blog, which highlights the benefits of using gobo projector for industrial floor markings instead of painted floor markings and floor marking tape.

From zebra crossing signs, hatched markings and forklift safety signage, shop top floor markings, along with our powerful safety projectors, to get started with durable warehouse floor markings.

Need a floor sign to be a specific size? Want to include your company logo in your warehouse safety signage? If you require bespoke warehouse floor markings for your business, get in touch with our team of projection specialists who can get you started.

Customisable Warehouse Signs and Lines

While our complete warehouse signage catalogue offers a wide range of directional, safety and forklift signs, for industrial environments requiring signs outside of our current offerings, the Projected Image team accepts custom gobo requests to design bespoke signs. If you’re interested in creating your own custom warehouse signs, simply visit our custom gobos page or get in touch with the team directly to discuss your industrial safety signage needs.

Alternatively, you can browse our full warehouse safety signage collection to view safety signage gobos that serve the following purposes:

    • Stop Lines
    • Danger Signage
    • Caution Signage
    • Low Temperature
    • Caution Lines
    • No Smoking Signage
    • Zebra Crossings
    • Hazard Signage
    • Risk of Electric Shock
    • Stop Signs
    • Fire Signage
    • Slippery when Wet Signage
    • Forklift Signage
    • Directional Signage

The Benefits of Projected Industrial Signs

Discover the full range of benefits associated with switching to projected signage solutions for your warehouse safety signage needs by visiting our dedicated blog. Here we discuss how choosing projections over painted or traditional signage can save your company money in the long run, the durability, visibility and adaptability of virtual signage ensuring safety and efficiencies are protected. Just some of the points we cover include:

  • Visible - higher visibility of signs particularly in low lit areas
  • Durable - no wear and tear or fading, even in high footfall, forklift traffic or problematic areas
  • Environmentally friendly - long-lasting and updatable, avoid the plastic waste of traditional printed signs
  • Cost-effective - no need to replace signage continuously, simply update your images

Site Visits for Custom Virtual Signage

Painted and traditional safety signage can be a nightmare to maintain in a busy warehouse, with forklift trucks, and work boots, scuffing and fading floor safety markings. This can lead to business downtime to repaint and maintain these areas in order to meet HSE requirements. The maintenance can also be costly, especially if you are having to repaint your warehouse floor markings and halt operations on a regular basis.

At Projected Image, we offer a site visit service to assess your bespoke warehouse safety signage requirements. From assessing which virtual signage would work in your business, as well as where these will fit in alongside your current solution. We carry out detailed measurements for bespoke safety signage systems in your warehouse space. We advise in particular, the colour of your existing surfaces. The darker the surface the more light is absorbed which can lead to a duller projection. Our projection specialists ensure that you get the right projection to suit the warehouse environment's size, colours and existing lighting conditions.

Virtual signage is a great alternative to traditional and painted warehouse safety signage. The long lifetime of LED gobo projectors ensures that factory signage remains visible and keeps your warehouse a safe space. Virtual signs also do not need replacing on a regular basis, making them cost effective, especially if you need to update a sign, you can simply purchase a new gobo and pop it in your projector.
To book your site visit for bespoke virtual signage, get in touch with our expert team to get started. Call on +441912659832. or email us on gobo@projectedimage.com to get started.

Industrial Safety Signs

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