Wedding and Party Projection

Hand raising a toast with a champagne flute at a wedding.

Make your occasion extra special with custom party and wedding lighting from Projected Image. Our bespoke projected signs add a personal touch to your special day, creating a lasting impression on guests. Projected signage is a more impactful option than traditional wedding signage, whether you want a monogram projection for the bride and groom, or are looking for a custom gobo, our team can help create the perfect projected signage solution for your event.

Wedding Projection

Wedding lighting is a great way to impress your guests and create ambience in your venue, transforming your space and making your special day one to remember. We offer a wide range of catalogue gobos which can create stunning wedding signage, from patterns to love hearts, our projected signs can elevate your decor.

If you want to create an entirely personalised wedding lighting, you can create your own gobo. Simply input the details on our form, submit your quote, and our expert team will create a proof of your bespoke projection for you, ready to order and pop into your gobo projector.

We also offer a range of customisable wedding signs. These gobos, which have been designed by our in-house team, can be personalised to include the happy couple’s names or initials, as well as the date of the wedding to add an extra special touch to their big day.

Party Projection

We also offer event projections and projected signage for a range of other special events such as birthday parties, anniversaries or even baby showers. Our catalogue gobo offers a wide range of designs for many different themes, such as sports, cities and animals, helping you elevate your party lighting and impress your guests. If you are unsure what to put in your gobo projector for your upcoming party, a font sign could be the perfect signage solution for you for your party lighting. At Projected Image, we offer a range of fonts available to customise to create an eye-catching projected sign for your party projector. To create a custom text projection, get in touch with our team who can assist you.

Event Projectors

Elevate your dj set and stand out with a gobo projector from Projected Image. Utilise patterned gobos to add ambience to party lighting and transform the venue. Project custom wedding signage to give the happy couple a personal touch to their big day. Our range of indoor projectors allow you to project bold and eye-catching imagery to impress your guests.

Projected signs are also adaptable and cost-effective, simply order a different gobo for each happy couple and replace this in your gobo projector, showcasing a stunning sign in a matter of moments. Our gobos are also manufactured in-house at our offices in Newcastle Upon Tyne, providing you with the highest quality product and projection for all of your events.

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Why Projected Image?

With over 20 years of experience, Projected Image have great knowledge and expertise creating custom projected signage, as well as event and party projections. Our reputation has quickly become renowned for our high standard of gobos and gobo projectors, all manufactured in-house at our office in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Providing cutting edge products in gobo projection and projected signage, Projected Image is the recommended choice for all your brand logo projection requirements.

If you are looking for advice on creating a projected signage system, or need assistance creating a custom wedding or party sign for event projection, then get in touch with our team who can assist you.

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