Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use the New Website?

Activation and Reset Instructions for Credit Account Customers

If you are a credit account customer, you will receive a link via email to reset or activate your account. Please follow the provided instructions to log in and securely update your profile. It's important to remember that we do not have access to your password or the ability to modify it. Should you forget your password, simply select the “Forgot your password?” option upon logging in, which will prompt an email allowing you to securely reset it.

Account Creation for First-Time Visitors

For first-time visitors who do not have a credit account, you will need to create an account to place orders. This can easily be done by clicking on the profile icon in the top corner of our site and selecting "Create Account". Follow the prompts to set up your new account.

Managing Your Account

Once logged in, check and update the address in your profile, which will serve as the default delivery address at checkout unless you specify otherwise. You'll also have access to view your historical orders and find links to any quotes within the order details for easy reference.

Enhanced User Experience

While the overall user experience and navigation of the site have remained consistent, we have streamlined many processes to enhance your ability to manage your account and place orders efficiently. Our goal is to ensure you can focus on creating outstanding events without any hassle.

Support and Assistance

Should you need any assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the details on the Contact Us page.

Why Projected Signage Solutions?

Enhance your warehouse safety signage with our innovative Projected Signage solutions, designed specifically for high-visibility and adaptability in demanding environments. Unlike traditional signage and floor markings, projected signage offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for rapid updates and changes without the need for physical alterations or the removal of adhesives. This makes it an ideal choice for safety messages, directional guidance, and operational updates in fast-paced warehouse settings.

Our Projected Signage systems are engineered for clarity and durability, ensuring that safety warnings, hazard notices, and navigational aids are prominently displayed and easily updated to reflect real-time conditions. This dynamic approach to signage supports a safer, more efficient work environment by facilitating immediate communication of critical information without the downtime associated with traditional sign replacement.

Discover the advantages of integrating Projected Signage into your safety and warehouse management strategy. Our technology enables you to swiftly adapt to changing safety protocols, highlight temporary hazards, and guide traffic through warehouse aisles with ease. The result is a safer, more responsive operational environment.

For more information on how our Projected Signage solutions can meet the specific needs of your warehouse or safety protocols, please visit our information page. If you have any questions or need personalised assistance, feel free to reach out to us through the contact details provided. Elevate your safety and operational efficiency with our cutting-edge projected signage, designed with the needs of modern warehouses in mind.

Which Signage Projector should I use?

Gobo Projectors for Diverse Warehouse Environments

Explore our extensive range of gobo projectors, designed specifically for a variety of warehouse environments, including those with high levels of dust and moisture. Each signage projector comes with a free gobo, making them perfectly suited for a variety of safety signage applications.

Considerations for Choosing Signage Projectors

When choosing a signage projector, it's important to consider both the distance of your projection and the desired size of your sign. These factors are crucial to ensure that your projected signage is clearly visible and effectively communicated across your business.

Guidance on Selecting the Right Gobo Projector

For detailed guidance on selecting the right gobo projector for your specific needs, or to learn more about our signage projector options, and their modern applications in safety signage, please click here for further information. Our selection is crafted to provide reliable, clear signage solutions, no matter the environment.

How do I order from the Gobo Catalogue?

To streamline your shopping experience, follow these steps:

  1. Select Your Product: Begin by choosing the product you wish to purchase from our range.
  2. Specify Projector Details: Enter the make and model of your projector to ensure compatibility.
  3. Projection Type and Quantity: Choose whether you need front or rear projection and specify the quantity required for your project.
  4. Add to Cart: Your selections will be automatically added to your shopping cart.
  5. Proceed to Checkout: Once you've made your selections, you can move forward with your purchase by clicking the checkout button located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

These steps are designed to make your purchase process as smooth and efficient as possible, ensuring you find exactly what you need for your projection setup.

How do I create a Custom Gobo?

Our streamlined form simplifies the process of requesting a quote for your gobo purchase. It will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Select the type of gobo you wish to purchase, Monochrome or Colour.
  2. Specify the projection type: Front or Rear.
  3. Choose the make and model of your projector.
  4. Select the desired quantity for your gobo.
  5. Once satisfied with your selections, press the "Add to Quote" button.

After pressing "Add to Quote", a quote window will appear. If you are satisfied with the information displayed in this window:

  • Press "Continue" to proceed. You will then be prompted to provide your details and upload your artwork.

Alternatively, if you wish to add additional gobos to your quote:

  • You can press the cross in the top right corner of the quote window to close it, then repeat the steps above as needed for each additional gobo.

Once all desired gobos are added and you're ready to proceed, follow through with providing your details and uploading your artwork to complete your quote request.

How easy is it to change my Projected Image or Signage?

Explore our comprehensive selection of projectors, each accompanied by a complimentary gobo to kickstart your signage needs. For those requiring additional or specific designs, our catalogue offers a wide range of gobos to choose from. Whether you need basic signage or more personalised and branded content, we've got you covered. Simply send us your artwork, including logos, custom designs, text, and any other signage requirements—to customise your space exactly as you envision it.

Changing Your Gobo:

To replace or change the gobo inside your projector, please consult the manual provided with your specific unit. These instructions will guide you through the process safely and efficiently, ensuring your new signage is displayed with clarity and precision.

For more information on our projector options, gobo selection, or to submit your custom designs, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our aim is to provide you with versatile and impactful signage solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Can I use Projection in wet or damp environments?

Our range features IP-rated projectors, meticulously engineered for versatility across diverse environments. These projectors are equipped with advanced protection measures, including additional rain hoods for outdoor applications and fully waterproof electrical drivers, ensuring reliability and safety in various settings.

Ideal for challenging environments, our projectors are perfectly suited for use in food processing wet rooms, where moisture and cleanliness are paramount. In dusty manufacturing plants, our projectors withstand particulate contamination, maintaining clear visibility and operational integrity. They are also highly effective in specialised applications such as spray booths, offering durability against chemical exposure and moisture, as well as in waste disposal sites, where ruggedness and reliability are essential.

Each projector is designed with the adaptability to meet the specific demands of these and other use cases, providing a durable and reliable solution for projecting information, signage, or imagery in conditions where traditional equipment might fail.

How big can my Projection be?

The size of your projection is determined by the power of the projector you choose and the distance from the surface onto which you are projecting. For example, projecting from a distance of four meters typically results in a projection size that is just under half that distance. If you need your projection to meet specific size requirements, please reach out to us. We can make adjustments to the artwork to accommodate your needs.

Furthermore, we offer a selection of lenses designed to modify the size of your projection, either enlarging or reducing it as necessary. This flexibility ensures that we can tailor the projection to fit your precise specifications.

What are your Artwork requirements?

We accept a wide range of file formats for your artwork submissions. Editable vector artwork is our preferred format because it ensures the highest quality for gobo production. We utilise Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create your gobos, aiming for the best projection quality possible.

Please ensure your artwork is provided as an editable vector file or saved at a minimum resolution of 600 dpi, with an image size of at least 3000 by 3000 pixels. To upload your artwork directly to our website, please compress the file size to approximately 5 megabytes. If your file exceeds this size, you may email it to us instead.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with your artwork submission, do not hesitate to contact us using the provided details.

Monochrome & Colour Gobos

If you're in the process of selecting a gobo and are unsure about the best option to complement your artwork, we encourage you to share your design with us for a personalised assessment. The type of gobo that best suits your artwork depends on the colour scheme and complexity of your design:

  • Monochrome Glass: If your artwork predominantly features white or shades thereof, it will likely be classified as monochrome glass. This type is ideal for designs that require crisp, clear projection in black and white or grayscale.
  • Single Colour Glass: Artwork that incorporates one solid colour alongside black or white typically falls into the single colour glass category. This option is perfect for designs that need a specific colour highlight while maintaining simplicity and contrast.
  • Two Colour Glass: Designs that feature two solid colours, in addition to black and white, are generally suited for two colour glass gobos. This allows for a bit more complexity and visual interest in the projection, enabling the inclusion of a secondary colour for emphasis or thematic consistency.
  • Full Colour: Artwork that exceeds two solid colours, incorporating a wide range of hues, will be considered for full colour gobos. This category is capable of capturing the richness and diversity of your design in its entirety, suitable for intricate and multi-coloured images.

It's important to note that not all artwork with one or two colours can be processed as single or two colour gobos. Several factors can affect the feasibility of producing your gobo in these formats, including specific colour values and the use of proprietary colour systems like Pantone in your provided artwork. Certain hues or combinations may not translate accurately to gobo production materials and processes, necessitating adjustments or alternative approaches.

We recommend discussing your design and colour requirements with our team. By analysing your artwork, we can advise on the most appropriate gobo type and identify any potential issues early in the process, ensuring the final projection meets your expectations.

What is Keystoning?

Keystoning, or Keystone correction, is essential when you cannot place the projector directly in front of the projection surface. Projecting at an angle without adjustment can lead to a distorted image. Our team can make necessary adjustments during the manufacturing process to prevent this distortion. If you have any questions about keystoning or need assistance with projecting at an angle, please reach out to Projected Image via the provided email or phone number.

Why do I need a Proof?

Upon receiving your artwork, our studio team will meticulously adjust it to ensure it is optimized for manufacturing. This includes enhancing line widths, modifying colours for the closest possible match, and making overall adjustments to guarantee the highest quality projection.

Once the adjustments are complete, you will receive a proof for review. If you're satisfied with the proof, you can approve it by clicking the "Accept" button, after which you may proceed to checkout. If the proof does not meet your expectations, you have the option to reject the quote. Should you choose to reject it, we encourage you to contact us directly via phone or email, using the provided contact details, so we can address any concerns and meet your requirements.

How do I handle a Glass Gobo?

Please handle the gobo with care, ideally using gloves and touching only the edges to prevent damage. Fingerprints, dirt, and grease can harm the gobo when illuminated. Once installed, the gobo typically requires no cleaning. If you observe any dirt or marks on the projection, carefully remove the gobo, take pictures, and contact us for assistance using the details provided.