Branding and Logo Projection

Large scale gobo projection of a werewolf on a white brick wall.

Branding and Logo Projection

Make your business stand out with branding and logo projection from Projected Image. Whether you want to attract footfall past your shop or restaurant, or if you have a brand event, having bright and bold advertising signage can help market your business. Logo projection is an eye-catching way to raise brand awareness. Here at Projected Image, we offer custom projected signage solutions, including gobo projectors and custom branded signs, to set up your event and logo projections. Projected signage solutions can also be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, and project onto any surface without worrying about any obstructions that might get in the way. Investing in a logo projection system also gives businesses the ability to advertise at a range of events and occasions. With easily replaced custom gobos, you can change up your branded sign quickly and efficiently for any upcoming events such as trade fairs, shop openings or even your Christmas party.

Why Choose Projected Signage?

Projected signage is also a durable and cost effective signage solution compared to traditional and painted signs. Unlike these traditional advertising methods which can fade or wear and tear in adverse weather conditions and busy areas, projected signs are designed to withstand a range of conditions and do not fade over time. You can read more about logo projection and how this compares to traditional branded signs on our blog. As well as durability, our custom branded signs give you the versatility and adaptability to change your projection efficiently, meaning you can have an event projection one day and your brand logo outside your shop the next.

Investing in a custom logo projection gives business owners the versatility to supply advertising signage to a number of events. From onsite branding to offsite brand awareness at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events. Our custom branded signs and gobo projectors are designed to be adaptable and versatile, allowing businesses the freedom to project wherever they desire.

Custom Text Signs

f you are unsure what to put in your gobo projector for your upcoming event, a custom font sign could be the perfect signage solution for you. At Projected Image, we offer a range of fonts available to customise to create an eye-catching projected sign.

Whether you are looking to provide instructions for staff or customers, event projection or even a custom monogram projection for a wedding or party, to get started creating your custom text sign, get in touch with our team.

Custom Branding and Logo Projection

Creating your custom projection is simple through our custom gobo page. Simply input the details for the gobo you are after, including the light fixture, artwork and date of you need the branded sign for. Our expert team will then create a proof of your artwork for you, once you have approved this, you can place the order. Our in-house manufacturing team will then create your custom event projection for you, ready to send out and pop into your gobo projector with ease.

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