Projected safety signs make ‘economic sense’ for leading UK businesses

Projected safety signs make ‘economic sense’ for leading UK businesses

More big names in manufacturing, wholesale and retail are turning to projected safety signs in their factories and warehouses.

That’s according to projected safety sign specialists, Projected Image, who are reporting a significant upturn in companies choosing to replace traditional painted wall and floor signage with LED sign projectors.

“Projected safety signs are making ever greater economic sense for businesses. We’re increasingly asked to provide units throughout warehouses as the safety benefits, reduction in maintenance and long-term savings are clear” says Ian Spoors, Managing Director of Projected Image.

Projected Image uses LED gobo projectors to shine vivid warning signs onto surfaces including floors, doors and walls. They are particularly effective in high traffic environments where footfall or forklifts can quickly damage and obscure traditional floor signs.

With the falling costs of LED technology and their low energy consumption, projected signs are becoming more common in workspaces across the UK.

“Clients tell us that their painted floor signs can become dirty, scuffed and begin to flake away in just a matter of weeks and repainting them is not only costly but disruptive. It makes the 50,000-hour lifespan of an LED projector, and the crystal-clear sign it projects throughout its life, a very attractive solution for health and safety managers'' adds Ian.

Projected Image reports that large businesses were the early adopters of projected safety signs, with smaller warehouses now implementing the innovative safety signage.

“Our large clients have told us that projected signs offset their initial costs of maintaining traditional signage, based on two occurrences of repainting floor markings. Many of the projectors we’ve supplied are now reaching over five years plus of maintenance-free service” states Projected Image’s Managing Director.

Using the latest generation of energy-efficient LEDs to create up to 20,000 lumens of light, safety sign projectors are loaded with a glass gobo which features the design of the sign or message to be projected. 

The image can include multiple high-visibility colours and be configured to stand out in any lighting conditions. Projected Image is the UK’s only dedicated provider of both the LED projectors and custom-made gobo signage.

“Safety comes first and the most significant benefit which bigger businesses are identifying is that projected signs are much harder to ignore. Being actively bright, they continue to catch the eye and can reduce accidents by ensuring employees don’t become blind to warning signs” adds Ian.

Unlike traditional signs, projected signs aren’t vulnerable to being damaged by dirt or liquids and there is no risk of paint particles becoming a contaminant in manufacturing environments.

Established in Newcastle over 25 years ago, Projected Image began by delivering cutting-edge gobo technology to project branding in the corporate and commercial live events industry. However, they recognised the opportunity to utilise this product to project safety signage and have since become the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier.

They now provide compact and powerful LED gobo projectors which can be installed by any electrician to display safety signs in warehouses, factories, workshops and other commercial and industrial locations.

“We are finding industry leaders across all sectors making the switch to projected signage first. We've supplied gobo projectors to businesses of every size in many sectors. In another decade, projected safety signs could become the industry standard signage solution in every factory or warehouse” concludes Ian.

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