Affordable technology makes projected signs increasingly popular choice for workplace safety

Yellow forklift projected sign on a warehouse floor.

Projected safety sign experts, Projected Image, are predicting another year of increasing popularity for safety signage projectors as the cost of technology becomes more affordable.

Recent developments in LED technology have made projecting warning signs onto floors and other surfaces a highly effective alternative to traditional painted safety signs.

“Although the technology has been around for a decade, advances in LED lighting have made our sign projectors a clearer and cost-effective alternative to traditional signage. But, it’s not just affordability that’s making businesses choose projected signs” says Ian Spoors, Managing Director of Projected Image.

Projected Image is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of projected safety sign equipment, delivered from their headquarters in Newcastle.

Unlike competitors, Projected Image is the only dedicated provider of both the LED projectors and the interchangeable gobo slide (optical filter), which provides the image to be displayed. 

Their products shine a vivid warning sign onto any flat surface, including floors, doors and walls. They are particularly effective in ‘high traffic’ industrial environments where people and vehicles (such as forklifts) can quickly wear away traditional painted floor signs.

As well as falling costs, Projected Image believe the significant upturn in popularity of projected signs is due to the substantial benefits over traditional floor and wall signage.

“The greatest advantage of projected safety signs is that they’re difficult to ignore. They’re big and bright and can be easily updated, which reduces the risk of people becoming ‘blind’ to them. Unlike traditional signs, they aren’t vulnerable to being damaged by dirt or liquids and there is no risk of paint flakes becoming a contaminant in some environments” adds Ian Spoors.

Projected Image began 25 years ago by delivering technology which projected branding at corporate and commercial events.

Seeing the huge potential for the technology, they recognised an opportunity to project clear and dynamic safety signage in common work environments.

Today, they provide compact and powerful LED projectors which are used to display warning and safety signs in environments including warehouses, factories, engineering works and other commercial and industrial locations.

They also manufacture the glass gobo – the optical filter which fits into the projector with the desired design. Projected Image is one of only two manufacturers to produce the gobo in the UK.

“Since we supply projectors and gobos all-in-one, our customers find it easier to buy directly from us. Our manufacturing process and glass is of the highest quality which produces brighter, clearer and stronger signage” adds Ian.

The LED technology within safety sign projectors can last over 50,000 hours of use. As such, safety sign projectors are now proving more cost-effective than traditional safety signs, requiring little to no maintenance compared to painted signs and producing a cost saving in under 2 years. 

“Once a customer has installed a single projector, they very often roll them out throughout multiple locations because they are so cost-effective. Safety must always come first and we’re delighted to be helping more and more companies discover this simple way to protect themselves and their staff” concludes Ian.

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