Why DJs are Using Gobo Projectors

Why DJs are Using Gobo Projectors

In this day and age, there are more DJs than ever before - and you need to stand out. Unfortunately, it may not be enough to have an impressive set list or great music taste; you need to create a spectacular live show - one that everyone will remember. A DJ light projector will do just that, propelling your stage show to something really memorable. 

Why Gobo Lights?

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The advantage of a DJ gobo projector is twofold: no one wants to dance to a DJ set in a pitch black room with no effects to appreciate, so creating light allows people to enjoy themselves a little more. You can also use the addition of a gobo light projector to your advantage, and project an image of your name/logo across the venue. 

A gobo light projector is useful in increasing visibility for your brand and is, typically, associated with premium brands and users. Therefore, a DJ light projector will add credibility to your set and, if unique enough, could encourage those listening to share across social media - again improving your reach and visibility. 

DJ Gobo Projector Templates 

Knowing about the best lighting methods for your DJ set puts you ahead of your competitors, and there are plenty of gobo image projectors to catapult you into the top spot. Gobo templates come in a range of forms, and you can look through our gobo catalogue for inspiration.

DJ Gobo Projectors

We have our own dedicated DJ gobo projector page, as we understand the importance of lighting for your set. Including gobo projectors, we also boast gobo lights that are perfect for DJ sets. From the dot effect gobo that add excitement for your performances, to the star effect gobo lights and even LED gobo projectors - every DJ is a showman, and nothing says that more than these gobo projectors.  

Custom Gobos

Custom gobo templates are one of the greatest image projector ideas, as you can upload your particular artwork. Whether you are hoping to project an image of your logo or even a specific image - custom gobos give you the freedom to do so. The process of creating a custom gobo for your DJ light projector needs is relatively simple; choose a projection type, a manufacturer (if there is a particular gobo projector at the venue you are showcasing your set, etc.) and the relevant model for the manufacturer, then upload your designs. 

Halftone & Gradients Gobos 

For a more subtle, but still impressive effect - halftone and gradient gobo templates are ideal. Projecting images such as deep space, 3D stars, and even lightning bolts can change the energy of your set and reinforce your music with a mood you are looking to convey. Effective lighting will give you an edge over DJs that do not do the same. 

Text Gobos 

We can’t forget the classic of all gobo templates - the custom text gobo. Sometimes, the most successful gobo lights are the ones displaying a specific message or name. If you would just like to project your name or a message, custom text gobos are the way forward for your brand.  

LED Gobo Projector 

If gobo lights are to become part of your DJ set, purchasing a gobo projector could be your next step. Some venues may not have the gobo projectors for your templates, so it’s worthwhile to double check before your performance. Using an LED DJ gobo light projector provides crisp images in dim and dark conditions, so you can project your brand or particular design in the venue for maximum visibility. 

At Projected Image, we provide gobo templates and projectors for all of your DJ lighting needs. Get in touch with one of our team if you would like to discuss your gobo lighting options.