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What are the best types of signage?

What are the best types of signage?

Whether you’re looking for signage for a warehouse, retail business, professional event, or for another event. It is important that your signs communicate messaging in a clear and engaging way. In order to achieve this, it’s worthwhile spending some time researching the different options available to ensure you’ve chosen the correct signage for your needs, whether that’s to increase brand awareness, to direct the flow of traffic around a warehouse, or for an upcoming event.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing signage, including health and safety signage requirements, and what each colour sign means. Ensuring the signage is highly visible is also an important factor, as well as the size of the projected sign. Once you have an idea of these elements, it’s time to decide on the style and material of your signage. To help you decide on the best signage to suit your needs, we have looked at different types of signage, including the uses and benefits, as well as the disadvantages, of each.

Types of Signage

There are a number of different signs on the market, making it more difficult to decide on the best one for your business and its needs. From wall-mounted neon signs, to freestanding and pop up signage, there are a wide range of options for a variety of purposes. If you’re looking to familiarise yourself with the best types of signage and how they compare to our custom signage solutions, read our guide below.

LED/Neon Signage

Most often used for social occasions, bars and home interiors. LED and light up neon signage tends to be used more frequently for leisure, compared to business, often being used for more decorative purposes, displaying quotes and images. However, some businesses use LED and neon signs to add some style and personality to their space, or as a solution to visible branding in darker environments. Although LED signs hold a number of benefits, there are also some drawbacks.

This type of signage can only live up to its full potential in dark environments, which limits where it would be the most effective. If LED signs are used outdoors during the day, or in settings where there are a lot of windows, the branding will be much less noticeable to potential customers. Other signage solutions, such as projection signage, provide a bright, high quality appearance, ensuring its message is clearly communicated - both through the day and at night. 

Pop Up Signage

Pop up signage, such as roller banners and stands, can frequently be seen at professional settings or events. A portable sign that can be used indoors and outdoors, this signage can be taken just about anywhere and quickly assembled. Once an event has finished, or the signage is no longer required, it can then be disassembled and stored away. 

If used in an outdoor setting, sometimes pop up signage does not react well to the elements. Although some types of pop up signage may be more water resistant than others, most of these are not wind resistant, and their build makes them particularly vulnerable to being blown over, if not blown away entirely. In comparison, our collection of outdoor projectors are purpose-built to withstand a range of conditions. Our outdoor projectors are IP65 rated, meaning they can withstand adverse weather and continue showcasing your brand. We also offer rain hoods which add even more protection from the elements-presenting a convenient weatherproof solution.

Freestanding Signage

With a similar appearance to some pop up signs, freestanding signage provides a more long-term solution for businesses. Usually supported by a mount, or poles, this signage can be seen outside of coffee shops and restaurants advertising deals, or in museums and galleries, hotel receptions and many more. Available in a variety of different styles, this signage provides a permanent solution for many different businesses.

One disadvantage of freestanding signage occurs when it needs to be changed, it can be costly to replace. For example, if a sign is being re-made and it usually shows an instruction, this could cause confusion in the meantime. 

One way to counteract this issue is with easily adaptable projected signage. Our gobo projectors can hold easily adaptable custom gobos that can easily be switched out for different events and instructions. For more permanent signs, our gobo projectors allow you to have crisp and clear signs for many years.

Similar to pop up signage, if freestanding signs aren’t mounted correctly outdoors, or they face strong winds, they risk blowing over and breaking, which can cause disruption if they have fallen on a footpath or road.

Signage Materials 

There are many different types of signage, but two of the most popular include wooden and acrylic. While acrylic is used to create a more sleek, matte appearance, wooden signage can be used for a rustic, authentic style. Although both of these signage materials are used across a range of businesses, they can wear and tear easily in busy environments. To combat faded signs there’s the option to choose our versatile projected signage. Our custom gobos can be used to create your intended design, while maintaining quality for years to come, so you won’t need to worry about it needing to be regularly replaced. 

Wooden Signage

Available in wall-mounted or freestanding styles, wood provides a highly-versatile signage solution. This signage material can be painted or carved with your choice of colours, images and text. Many wooden signs are used outdoors which can rot and fade in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, purchasing a wooden sign requires regular treatment and maintenance.

Acrylic Signage

Whether you’ve recently come across shop-front signage, or have seen signage mounted to the wall in a hotel or office building, this will be made from acrylic. Shop-front signage, as well as wall-mounted signs in hotels and offices are often made from acrylic. One of the main reasons that many businesses choose this material is due to its professional finish and affordability. However, acrylic is not very heat resistant, so can soften and warp in warm indoor environments or out in the sun. The material is also not scratch-resistant, so this also makes it more susceptible to wear and tear. 

Why choose our Projection Signage?

Here at Projected Image, we offer signage solutions suitable for construction sites, warehouses and factories, brand awareness at events and shopfronts and many more environments. Our range of signage projection is an affordable and durable alternative to other signage materials which may need regularly replacing from wear and tear.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our gobo projectors can be easily installed with a custom gobo. We also offer a range of catalogue safety and social distancing signs which can be used as factory signs, warehousing and retail spaces. Requiring minimal maintenance, these gobos only need to be replaced every few years, which means they’re more durable than other signage materials, such as wood and acrylic. Gobos are also easily adaptable and replaceable for any upcoming events you have.

Compared to other long-term signage materials likely to see more wear and tear, projected signage is suitable for projecting onto any surface such as walls, floors and doors. As well as this, the image can be projected over materials that may usually obstruct signage, such as dusty surfaces. Projected signs maintain high quality appearance for years after installation. The long-lasting build of this signage allows you to focus on other areas of your business- rather than worrying about maintaining or replacing your worn signage. 

Signage Projection Solutions at Projected Image

Projected signage is more durable compared to other types of signage, maintaining a high quality and professional appearance for a long period of time, across a variety of occasions and environments. Due to this durability, it also presents the ideal solution for businesses looking to save money.
If you’re interested in making the switch to projected signage, you can browse our range of indoor and outdoorgobo projectors. We also offer a range of gobo projector bundles and accessories to get your signage system set up quickly and efficiently with everything you need. If you are looking for more information on bespoke signage projection, then get in touch with our expert team who will help you create a signage solution perfectly suited to your needs.

In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.