Wedding Gobo Ideas To Put Your Name Up In Lights!

Wedding Gobo Ideas To Put Your Name Up In Lights!

Monogram with the Bride and Grooms name or initials

So she has said yes and you might have even used a gobo for the proposal but a huge trend in weddings in the US and slowly making it’s way over the pond. Sometimes referred to as monogram lighting, gobos can be used to project the bride and grooms names above the top table on onto the dance floor for that all-important first dance. Ask your wedding DJ or venue about what lighting they provide and should have gobo projectors in situ for this or please check out our gobo projectors here.

Monogram Gobo in photograph

Nothing sets your wedding apart more easily and affordably than lighting, good lighting not only sets a scene but a mood and atmosphere as well.  One of the great things about a gobo is not only what it looks like on the night but what it looks like in photo’s.  Gobo’s are often used to brand a business at a trade show so people remember who you are and if you get one of our gobos people will never forget your wedding either.
Jaqcui Maire Photography

DJ Peter Lockwood


The Dance Floor and Top Table

First dance/dance floor decorations

Choose your favourite music for the first dance, while everyone gathers round to watch and take photos. Unfortunately a photo sometime can’t capture the magic you feel. Gobos decorating your dance floor will not only look great on the night but will look even better in all those photos. Whether it is one of our monogram gobos or other more meaningful imagery that expresses your personality. Take a look at our catalogue here for more ideas.

Top table decorations 

Ever been to a wedding and you can’t see anyone on the top table because of all the flowers, wooden letters, napkins folded to swans?  Well a gobo projected on the wall above the bride and groom, or even onto the tablecloth can transform the décor and save you money on your budget without looking cheap. Again this can give any photo that extra special look that none of your friends wedding have. All of our wedding designs are £70 and customisable with the bride and grooms names.

The Marquee

Choosing a wedding marquee that isn’t just a huge plastic tent can be costly and decorating inside, it can make costs skyrocket.  Our gobos can add texture or colour inside or out, these can be found in our extensive catalogue. Great examples include star break upsheart break ups, floral patterns.

On top of using these as mentioned in a traditional reception, you can use them as signage. Retail environments are using these to direct footfall and hospitality towards the bar. A gobo above the bar to draw footfall or pointing to where the toilets are located, looks a lot classier than plastic or better still than nothing.

The Reception Theme

Theme your reception Reception venues more often than not require decoration, either by yourself or the venue (which will charge) to match your colour scheme or if you are having a themed wedding.

So imagine you have rented a large space and wanted to have a Las Vegas theme, you have rented the roulette and blackjack table and hired a couple of show girls (if the wife to be agrees) but your missing the “Bright Lights”. Well with our custom gobos you could project the famous Las Vegas strip onto one of the wall or even in the inside of Caesar’s Palace behind you guests gambling away.

Other popular themes incorporate the flowers picked for the bouquet, projected onto the walls or floors. We've got some great Rose templates in our catalogue to chose from. Some go for a special place for the happy couple, if the proposal was in Paris, the Eiffel tower projected always gives great impact. 

Whatever you want, the possibilities are endless with Gobos!

The Proposal

5 Wedding Gobos To Put Your Name Up In Lights!   #1 The Proposal
You and the misses have a favourite restaurant or local attraction; maybe you both love the theatre or a theme park. Where ever you decide to pop the question and you want to make it that extra bit special you could try this (video of the bloke making the trailer and showing it in the cinema) or if that is slightly too far fetched or boring you could try this (video of the bloke proposing and fall off the building).   Both of those are great efforts but are definitely an effort, so with all this in mind has you ever thought about a gobo. Any indoor venue worth its salt should have gobo projectors, from museums, restaurant and music venues. If you want to make a lasting impression and a proposal to remember you could always ask if they would mind projecting your proposal. Here is a mock up examples below or look at our Text Gobo option!