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Warehouse Safety Signage Ideas: Essential Safety Signs

Warehouse Safety Signage Ideas: Essential Safety Signs

From ensuring that workers are aware of potential hazards, to creating a safe and steady flow of warehouse traffic, having the correct health and safety signage is essential to the smooth running of operations in a warehouse environment. It is also mandatory that these sites have the correct and clear signage on show at all times across various locations.

Categorised as high-risk environments due to the multitude of risks associated with heavy machinery, electrical hazards, and harmful substances typically found on warehouse sites. Employers are required to follow the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulation 1996 to protect staff and visitors. Here at Projected Image, we have looked into the essential points in this piece of legislation, helping warehouse and health and safety managers to identify warehouse signage requirements they need to cover in their workplace.

What signs do you need in a warehouse?

According to the essential requirements outlined in the Health and Safety legislation of 1996, there are a number of signage types that need to be clearly displayed in a warehouse environment. Depending on the layout and operations of the site, these include:

All warehouse safety signage should be treated with equal importance, it is crucial that employees and visitors understand what these safety signs mean in order to understand the instructions and cautions they provide.

From preventing injuries, to protecting warehouse equipment and vehicles and keeping stock organised, using the right warehouse signage is essential to the smooth running of operations. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these signage types, take a look at our blog on construction site signage, which can also be applied to warehouses and highlights the meanings and significance of each signage type.

Warehouse Stop Signs

An essential piece of signage in a warehouse, stop and no entry signs are vital and shouldn’t be ignored. Designed to ensure all operations are performed safely, stop signs should be implemented where there is a potential obstacle or in a dangerous location, making workers  avoiding collisions and injuries. As well as stop signs, signage used to direct traffic around your site can also avoid hazards. 22 of the 1996 Health and Safety Regulation requires markers that indicate traffic routes to take the form of lines, which should be yellow or white.

Warehouse Aisle Signs

Made to keep your warehouse organised, aisle signage is utilised by many industrial spaces to help vehicles and workers navigate around the site in a safe manner. Our custom warehouse signs present a great solution to creating a neat, efficient and safe space. With our custom signage, you can create your own warehouse aisle signs suited to the needs of your business. We can also make recommendations to create a bespoke warehouse safety signage system.

Warehouse Floor Signs

From directing workers, to controlling warehouse vehicles and other machinery, warehouse floor signs are another crucial element to ensure everything runs according to plan. Our collection of safety signage and social distancing signs offer a variety of warehouse and factory floor signs, ensuring your site is covered with all the essential health and safety signs.


As well as the standard caution signage (made in a triangle shape indicating you’re approaching a hazard) the most common types of safety signs used on warehouse floors are directional signage, directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic around your site safely. Zebra crossings and crosswalk signs are commonly used on warehouse floors as they are needed to guide pedestrians across and encourage forklift drivers to stop or lower their speed.

If you are looking for a custom safety signage gobo, you can put together a quote and we will create a proof for you, resulting in warehouse floor signs perfectly suited to your business’ needs. Whether you need signs to direct traffic across different stations, or you’re looking to create safe walkways for pedestrians, we’re dedicated to providing all the elements needed to protect warehouse staff and equipment.

Projected Warehouse Signage

With lots of vehicles and workers all moving around at once, it's no surprise that traditional floor signage and painted markings in warehouses are subject to frequent fading and wear and tear. When such signs become damaged and hard to read, they are often time consuming and costly to constantly repair or replace. In contrast to this outdated method, our warehouse safety signage gobos, which can be quickly and easily fitted into our signage projectors, provide a highly visible and durable safety signage solution.

As opposed to regular replacements of traditional and painted signs, projected warehouse safety signs are perfect choice for those looking to prioritise quality and visibility. Warehouse signage solutions offered at Projected Image are designed to keep you, your staff, and equipment protected at a fraction of the cost. 
A long-lasting and durable option compared to painted signs, projected signage is also more affordable in the long-term from less repairs. At Projected Image, we stock a wide range of warehouse safety signs. From warehouse aisle and factory floor signs, to stop signs, discover our collection of safety signage and ensure your warehouse is health and safety compliant. If you have a question or are looking for a bespoke warehouse safety signage system, get in touch and our expert team will be happy to help.

In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.