Top Uses for Virtual Signage

Top Uses for Virtual Signage

Virtual signage can be used in a wide range of environments and a variety of applications. From durable warehouse safety signage, to retail signage, check out our guide where we explore the versatility of virtual signage and gobo projection.

Warehouse Safety Signage

Virtual signage is a great addition to your warehouse safety signage systems, such as painted floor markings and traditional signs like printed or PVC. Unlike painted safety floor markings, gobo projection does not suffer from fading and chipping from forklift trucks and busy warehouse environments. 

Our IP65 rated gobo projectors are designed to withstand rugged conditions with dust and dirt, as well as being able to project onto almost any surface, ensuring your safety signage is visible at all times, even over dirty or dusty surfaces. 

When faced with issues such as chipping and fading floor signs from heavy machinery and forklift trucks, you can be forced to shut off areas of your warehouse to repaint your floor markings. Not only does virtual signage alleviate the need to repaint certain areas of your warehouse, but our powerful gobo projectors can project for up to five years, making virtual signage a more cost effective signage solution longer term.

Virtual signage also provides you with flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing warehouse environment. If you need to move your floor markings, or update your signage, our gobo projectors can easily be moved, or just simply switch out the gobo to project your new safety sign…much quicker than waiting for paint to dry!

Hospitality & Retail Signage

Projection is becoming increasingly popular for hospitality and retail signage. With bright and highly visible projections, virtual signage is certain to impress guests at events, and help them find their way around.

Large retail stores often require wayfinding signage to control the flow of traffic around the store, direct customers to toilets, and to locate areas of importance such as a restaurant. Traditional floor signs and marking tapes can come away and fade extremely quickly in busy retail environments, meaning the instructions for your customers become unclear. Virtual signage ensures high visibility floor markings around your store, keeping your retail signage high quality. 


If you are looking for a sustainable way to showcase your menu or product offering, why not opt for virtual signs? Gobo projections offer dynamic and eye-catching displays that can showcase menus and product offerings to customers. By utilising projections, restaurants can easily update their menus without the need for printing new paper materials, reducing waste and costs associated with traditional signage methods.

Other ways projected signs can enhance your retail signage is with promotional signage. This is particularly impressive for retail environments with high footfall. By utilising virtual signage, you can display your brand logo, or even a promotional offer in your store, the high visibility of gobo projection ensures to catch the eye of any passersby, and entice them into your store.            

Art Exhibitions

Virtual signs are also becoming increasingly popular for art exhibitions. With the use of gobo projection, you can create a highly immersive experience utilising large scale projections to transform your space. But why opt for virtual signage and projection for your art exhibition?

Virtual signage offers enhanced visual image, with bright and bold projection. Utilising gobo projectors allows for dynamic and striking displays, impressing attendees and leaving a lasting impression of your work.

Our team of projection specialists can assist you in ensuring the artwork is viewed as intended. If you are wanting to project on an angle, we can carry out precise keystone correction to ensure the art is not distorted in any way, and matches the artist’s intentions. We can also scale artwork to desired sizes, meaning if you want to create an immersive space by playing with sizing, we can assist you in transforming the space.

Virtual signs also offer flexibility to the exhibition, if you wish to change your artwork, it is simply a case of replacing the gobo, which can also be more cost-effective than reprinting or painting art. If you are looking to rotate through different artworks, gobo projectors with a rotator can be utilised to periodically change the gobo on display.

Overall, the use of virtual signage and gobo projection can enhance the overall experience of art exhibitions, making them more visually compelling, interactive, and memorable for attendees.


Gobo projection can also be utilised for a range of events, from large outdoor events, to parties and corporate occasions, virtual signage can enhance the event experience and add an impressive touch to any occasion.

Impress guests at large scale events such as football matches with gobo projection. With virtual signage, you can create impressive visuals on the pitch to impress at half time and create an even more immersive experience. Whether you require multiple artworks, or need to split imagery across multiple projectors, our projection experts endeavour to give you the best possible service to create your desired gobo projection.

If you are after branded signage for any corporate events, virtual signage is a great solution for you. The high visibility of Projected Image’s gobo projectors, ensure your branding is clearly seen by guests at your corporate event. Virtual signage is also highly adaptable, if you regularly hold events, you can easily switch out your custom gobo to have a brand new projected sign for each occasion.

Add a personal touch to special occasions such as birthdays and weddings with bespoke virtual signage. Whether you want to project a customised happy birthday message with a text gobo, or add a personalised touch for a happy couple on their wedding day, virtual signage is sure to transform your venue and impress your guests.

Virtual signage is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications and environments. The options we have looked at represent just a small snippet of what virtual signage can achieve. If you think that you would benefit from virtual signs, no matter the event or occasion, make sure to contact our team of projection experts who will be sure to guide you through the process of utilising gobo projection and projected signage.