Top 5 Valentines Day Gobos

Top 5 Valentines Day Gobos

Heart - The shape of the traditional heart decoration usually symbolises passion, romance and love. It can be used in venues far and wide on Valentines day to spread some love. 

Love - Is this most powerful word in the English language, projected can have even more impact! Sometimes big businesses need a way to show big love. A stylish way of screaming from the roof tops to their customers.

Rose - Rose are red, violets are blue, but here is a mono gobo, just for you! For a floral themed Valentines decoration, look no futher than our collection of flowery gobos.

Wedding monogram - Gobo’s are great for adding extra dimension to a dance floor or top table at a wedding. This trend is extremely popular with DJ's in the USA, make sure you give your clients the best services and add gobos and monogram projection to your wedding services!

Lips - Well who doesn’t want a kiss on Valentines Day and the bigger the better!