The Wedding Lighting Basics for your Reception

The Wedding Lighting Basics for your Reception

Lighting can make everything look good (you only have to look at the popularity of Instagram to see this…), from the photos to the guests, to the cake and decorations - you’ve got to consider all aspects when planning your wedding lighting. We are outlining the basics for wedding venue lighting; including the use of gobo lighting, choosing the right glow and matching your lighting to your wedding theme. 

Understand the Particular Wedding Light

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Wedding lighting is hugely important, but don’t let it impact your budget or choice of venue. If you would like to string fairy lights around a field, but don’t have the power or possibility to do so - consider a more budget-friendly approach. For example, a gobo light provides brilliant lighting patterns in a venue and only requires a gobo projector, rather than hundreds of bulbs. Or, you could even opt for candles, showcasing them in the centre of your tables for an almost ethereal glow. 

It might be worth getting to grips with terms that may be used by professionals in the wedding industry, and the wedding lighting popular for venues. Gobos stand for GOes Before Optics, and are metal or glass stencils that have particular designs cut into them. LED lights are also enjoying a surge in popularity, as they use much less electricity - lowering your bills. String lighting refers to wedding lighting you, most likely, know and love. Think Pinterest and gorgeous canopies of light, strung around a venue and you’re absolutely right. You should also be familiar with a pin spot, that highlights a specific item at the wedding. This could be for the cake, or the top table, to further create a brilliant illusion.

Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Always consider where you are hosting your venue before choosing your particular wedding lighting. Aim to plan a visit to the venue before your big day - especially if your wedding is at an outdoor venue - as the outdoors can significantly reduce the effect of lighting. You’ll get a good understanding of where the sun comes into play, particularly if you are opting for gobo lights and an outdoor gobo projector. 

A common misconception is that wedding lighting is not possible outdoors and during the day. However, we have a range of outdoor gobo projectors that can project dazzling designs - including monogram lighting - onto your chosen surface. We have even outlined our best gobo lights for outdoors, such as your wedding day. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how good gobo projectors are, they don’t work in direct sunlight. 

Alternatively, if you are hosting your reception indoors and are looking for wedding lighting ideas after dark, we also recommend you visit the venue to identify which areas you are looking to illuminate. Consider what mood you would like to set for your guests; whether that be disco-style with spotlights, or romantic with soft, monogram lighting perhaps. 

Match your Theme 

Once you have an idea as to what wedding lighting you would like, you need to check it complements your theme. Add extra glitz and glamour to your classic wedding reception. Gobo lighting is the perfect addition to this theme, and a wedding monogram gobo showcasing your names on the wall, dance floor or ceiling is a beautiful addition to your big day. You could also opt for further wedding lighting in the form of flickering candles and chandeliers, illuminating the room as you spend your first celebration together as man and wife. Wedding Ideas shared some fantastic ideas for an English Country Castle Romance theme, providing wedding tips and inspiration on detailed features for the big day.

Rustic wedding themes can also feature gobo lights, with our extensive range of tree gobos. However, you could also create an enchanted and fairytale forest feel by draping fairy lights around plants and trees lining the dance floor. The use of fairy lights should also make a larger space feel cosier and more intimate, ideal for a rustic inspired wedding. Take a look at Hitched for even more ideas and inspiration on planning and organising a rustic wedding

For the more modern wedding themes, you could also use a wedding gobo to cast quirky and eclectic designs around the room. LED gobo projectors and a cool wedding gobo can project images of stars around the wedding venue, or abstract shapes for an innovative backdrop to your professional photos. Bridal Guide have gone into extensive detail on 50 ideas for the modern wedding and alternative bride. 

If you would like to discuss your options regarding wedding gobos, now you’re familiar with the basics of wedding lighting - you can get in touch with one of our team today. We offer an extensive range of gobos with our gobo catalogue, to ensure your wedding day is forever treasured.