The Ultimate Tree Gobos for your Events and Weddings

The Ultimate Tree Gobos for your Events and Weddings

A tree gobo is the perfect addition to a rustic-inspired occasion, lighting up the venue and providing a breathtaking backdrop - straight from a fairytale. 

For those that may not know what a gobo is; a gobo stands for GOes Before Optics. A gobo could be compared to a stencil, etched into a metal or glass plate, creating the illusion of shapes and intricate patterns when placed in front of a gobo projector light source.

Our 5 Best Tree Gobos

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Our range of tree gobos are wonderfully popular - especially for weddings. The rustic/fairytale theme has proven hugely successful in the wedding industry, not least for its cosy feel and stunningly romantic photographs. It has been a difficult task narrowing our favourite tree projection gobos to just five, but here goes. Read on for the perfect forest lighting for your event… 

Forest Sky Gobo

The canopy break gobo up adds a touch of mythical magic to any occasion. Forest lighting is impressive and awe-inspiring, complementing any woodland-style theme. The projection is best displayed on the ceiling of your venue, providing the illusion of drinking and dancing under the night sky. Is there anything better than your first dance under the enchanted forest sky, with all of your friends and family gathered around? We think not. 

Forest Leaves Gobo

If your tree lights are covered in the way of canopies of lights strung around the branches, a forest leaves gobo may be just the one for you. The image of Autumn leaves falling from the trees is one that takes us all the way back to childhood, kicking through the leaves on the way home from school (we still do), and evokes a warm and cosy feeling. Should you have opted for the rustic wedding theme - one that we wholeheartedly recommend - you could pair this with a myriad of decorations for a wedding, or even event, that could grace the front pages of many magazines. 

Blossom Branches Gobo

The blossom branches gobo is one of the classics of the nature-style gobo lights. Displaying a projected image of blossom branches on the walls, ceiling or even dance floor - this forest projection is dazzlingly romantic. Paired with the rustic wedding theme, fairytale or even classic sophistication - it complements every style of your big day or even event. Not to mention, it produces a wonderful illusion of the forest for your professional photographs. 

Baobab Tree Gobo

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We couldn’t leave our top five gobo lights with just one tree projection… The Baobab tree gobo is a huge projected image of a large tree, available in metal or monochrome glass. It’s a wonderful gobo light to showcase on the walls of your venue; who hasn’t dreamed of their first dance under the trees outdoors? Now, you can have that but without risk of the Great British weather spoiling your day. Perfect. 

Falling Autumn Leaves

Hands up if you love falling Autumn leaves. You’ll love them even more on a gobo light. The new trend to sweep the wedding industry, fallen leaves images projecting on the walls of your venue, or any surface you choose, are something many of your guests may have never seen before. Of course, not just for weddings, the falling Autumn leaves gobo is truly impressive as an entertainment option during any event. 

If you would like to discuss more options for tree gobos, along with custom gobos, get in touch with one of our team!