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The Spookiest Projections for your Halloween Party

The Spookiest Projections for your Halloween Party

As October approaches and the spookiest month of the year is finally upon us, it’s time to start thinking about those all-important party decorations - particularly Halloween lighting effect ideas. It just so happens at Projected Image, we boast a huge range of Halloween gobo lights, designed to terrify your guests for one, long night.

Top Spider Projection Gobo Lights

Your first thought when it comes to Halloween decorations, in particular, Halloween lighting ideas, should be spiders. We offer a large range of spider projection gobo lights, and we’ve even rounded up our favourite for your fright night. Enjoy…

Arachnophobia Gobo

Aptly titled the Arachnophobia Gobo, this Halloween projection is not for the faint-hearted - or those scared of spiders… This spooky lighting idea is one huge spider, designed to create the illusion of crawling on the walls, ceiling or floor. This Halloween-inspired gobo lighting effect will creep your guests out, having the desired effect to make sure they remember your event.

Cobweb Gobo

There’s no Halloween party without cobweb gobo lighting. A Halloween lighting tip for cobwebs is to forget draping cobwebs from the ceiling and project them on the walls instead. Not only is the Halloween lighting effect incredible (and a perfect photo opportunity), but you avoid the clean up the next morning. No one likes to tidy up cobwebs after a party, and with the addition of a cobweb gobo light - you avoid the worry.

Wide Web Gobo

At Projected Image, we love cobweb Halloween projections, so much so that this one is also one of our favourite spider-inspired gobo lights. The wide web gobo is our biggest cobweb projection, and one of our greatest Halloween lighting indoor ideas. Best projected on the ceiling of your venue; this gobo light will, in effect, light up the whole room in the spookiest way possible. The gobo lighting is also the perfect backdrop to your other decorations; think pumpkins, broomsticks, hanging skeletons and terrifying skulls.

Beetle Gobo

Not technically a spider gobo light, but still a ‘creepy crawly.’ If you want your guests to bugs out at your event, a Halloween projection of the beetle gobo scuttling across the walls should do just that. Available in metal and monochrome glass, the beetle is, quite literally, massive and will be the focus of your Halloween event. Although, we’re not sure if your guests will find it a trick or treat…

If you are planning a Halloween party and would like to speak with one of our team about spooky lighting ideas, you can get in touch with one of our team today. If we don’t have the particular Halloween design you would like, we can create a custom gobo for your event - all you have to do is upload your own artwork!

In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.