The Power Of Projection

The Power Of Projection

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" Not the type of thing you expect to hear from the President of the USA. However Trump seems to be breaking many an unspoken rule in his term as President, the statement (reported to be referring to the country Haiti amongst others) was immediately picked up by the press and spread World Wide.
Soon after, projection provocateur Robin Bell, decided the best way to stand up and be heard was to address this statement with projection. Robin, of Bell Visuals, projected the words "Shithole" and "This Place Is A Shithole" on a Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. for nearly 40 minutes.
(Image via Youtube)

This type of guerrilla projection was so effective it was shown all over the world via social media instantly. Getting a message to go viral for your business is never easy but the power of projection can certainly help.

The beauty of this is it is not illegal from a criminal standpoint, the owners of the building or security can ask to have it switched off but it only takes a few people to put in on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter before the whole world can see it.
Visual projection not only makes a great impact but location can also be key. However make sure you choose your placement and message wisely, Morrison’s projected a baguette onto the Angel of the North which was widely condemned as tacky and tasteless, not the association you want when selling a food item or any product/service!

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At Projected Image, we not only sell the projectors to make this happen but we manufacture the gobos. Our text gobos, which would be excellent for a written message, but if you wanted an image or company logo our custom gobos start at £85.
Whether you want to make a political statement or just promote and sell a new product, projection could be a great way to create a buzz and get a powerful message out to the world, so gets in touch.