The Greatest Christmas Gobo Ideas for your Events

The Greatest Christmas Gobo Ideas for your Events

A Christmas gobo is a brilliant addition to your Christmas event and one that your guests may not have seen before. We’re sharing our favourite Christmas gobo ideas - including monogram lighting and even tree gobos - to ensure your party is unrivalled. 

10 Best Christmas Gobo Lights

You need to make an impression with your Christmas lighting ideas at your event. Luckily, we are sharing our finest Christmas gobo lights to ensure your party is unforgettable.

Colour Christmas Tree Gobo

No Christmas party is complete without a Christmas tree. You don’t even have to buy your own Christmas tree and spend time decorating it for your event; just project an image of a Christmas tree gobo at your event. Available as a monochrome gobo and two colour glass gobo, this tree gobo light sums up the spirit of Christmas. The holiday light projector also showcases an image of presents under the tree. You don’t get better Christmas light ideas, indoor and outdoor, than our tree gobo. 

Santa Gobo

You can’t have a Christmas party without an appearance from the big guy. The Santa, Christmas gobo is perfect for events with children (or even just adults), and builds excitement for the holidays. How often do you see an image of Santa projected onto the walls of a party? Not often we guarantee. The gobo light is available as monogram lighting or as colour, and produces a crisp and clear image. Santa also appears to be holding a sack of presents, so you could use this Christmas lighting idea to promote a grotto you may be hosting at your party. Whatever the occasion, you need this gobo light. 

Season's Greetings Gobo

Monogram lighting is hugely popular for all events, including weddings, and the Season’s Greetings gobo light is a gorgeous backdrop to all sophisticated work Christmas parties. The text gobo is bright, bold and beautiful, and you can even opt for a custom text gobo should you like to change the design of the Season’s Greetings gobo. Available as a metal or monochrome glass gobo, you needn’t worry about any other Christmas party decorations with the addition of our festive gobo lights. 

Magic Sleigh Gobo

For a truly magical Christmas, it doesn’t get better than Santa and his reindeer flying around your venue. Our gobo lights are spectacular additions for your event, and this almost tops the list of Christmas gobos. The Magic Sleigh gobo, available as monochrome glass and colour, showcases a fantastic image of Santa and four of his reindeers. Best displayed on the ceiling of your venue, this gobo lighting will bring out the inner child of all your guests. You could also use this gobo light with an outdoor gobo projector, for the illusion of Santa arriving at your party. Alternatively, should you have retail space and like to promote your ‘grotto’, this is the perfect Christmas lighting effect to do so. 

Merry Christmas Gobo

The Merry Christmas glass gobo is sophisticated, festive and simplistic. For the more grown-up Christmas lighting ideas, the monogram lighting is a brilliant and alternative lighting method for your event. Stringing ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting around your venue is so old hat these days; just project an image of the monogram projection on the walls or ceiling of your venue for a truly wonderful illusion. You could even display the gobo lights on the dance floor, for your guests to dance over and take pictures with. 

Happy Holidays Gobo

To transform your venue into a scene from a Christmas film, look no further than the Happy Holidays gobo light. The Christmas gobo - projectors for both indoor and outdoor use are also available for festive gobo lighting - displays a brilliant image of a Christmas tree. Forget hunting for baubles and pulling tinsel out of your hair for the next week, and showcase one of our favourite gobo trees at your event. You can even opt for a colour gobo, or monochrome gobo, depending on the theme of your party. 

Angel Tree Gobo

Enjoy our angel at the top of the tree with this best-selling Angel Christmas tree gobo. Fantastic for all manner of Christmas parties; whether that be children or event after work celebrations - this Christmas gobo light sums up everything we know and love about the holidays. The monochrome glass gobo is a fun backdrop to your professional photos (who has a real tree these days..?) and sits spectacularly on the walls, ceiling or dance floor of your venue. You could even take it a step further and project the gobo light outdoors, with one of our many outdoor gobo projectors. 

Holly Gobo

While you must consider your Christmas lighting ideas for the inside of your venue, you can’t forget outdoors. We have a huge range of outdoor gobo projectors, and our holiday light projectors boast an impressive distance in dim and dark outdoors situations. A spectacular idea for the Christmas holly gobo lighting is to project the image on the entrance to your venue. Not only is it a memorable greeting, but it saves on the outdoor decoration. All you need is a holiday light projector, our Christmas holly gobo and impressed guests. 

Christmas Stocking 

Like Santa, Christmas trees and gifts; stockings are part of the foundations of Christmas. However, you no longer need to string stockings around the venue, but project one clear and bright gobo light image of a stocking. The Christmas gobo light is hugely popular for kids parties, and also to promote the arrival of Santa at your celebration. There’s no need for any other Christmas lighting ideas when you have our Christmas stocking gobo light. 

Snowflake Gobo

A snowflake gobo transforms your party and casts brilliant patterns when displayed on the ceiling of your venue. Forget fairy lights and candles, and project images of snowflake gobo lights for a truly magical celebration. Alternatively, you can display the gobo lights on the dance floor of your event. The snowflake gobo is brilliant even outdoors, and we boast a range of outdoor gobo projectors that can display the images on the side of your building for a winter white Christmas. 

For even more information on our indoor and outdoor gobo projectors, read up on our How to Use Gobo Lighting in the Daytime blog.

Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss the options for festive gobo lights. If there is a particular design you would like at your event - such as a logo projection or custom gobo - you can submit your designs!