The Best Monogram Gobos for your Wedding Day

The Best Monogram Gobos for your Wedding Day

Monogram lighting is experiencing huge popularity within the wedding industry, transforming your wedding venue to a brilliantly beautiful and memorable setting. 

Our Favourite 5 Wedding Monogram Gobos

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Our gobo catalogue for monogram lighting gobo patterns boasts vast designs. We have undertaken the difficult task of narrowing our monogram lighting to the top five. Read on for the crème de la crème of the wedding monogram gobo industry.

Bride and Groom Wedding Monogram Gobo

Personalise your wedding reception with a Bride and Groom custom gobo. The wedding gobo template projects the words Bride and Groom in italics, complementing a classically romantic wedding theme. The wedding gobo adds a wonderfully personal touch to your venue and is, most likely, something your guests will not have seen before. The monogram projection even displays unique lighting gobo patterns, in that it showcases the date of your special day underneath a love heart. The wedding monogram gobo is the perfect backdrop to your first dance. 

Heart Monogram Gobo

This wedding monogram is simple, sophisticated and oh-so-romantic. The heart monogram gobo lighting displays the initials of yours and your partner’s name, entwined in a brilliantly clear and crisp love heart. Perfectly coordinating with any wedding theme - whether that be rustic, fairytale, modern or classic - and the monogram projection is dazzling when projected onto the walls of your venue. You could display the custom gobo as you enjoy the speeches, the food or even the first dance. The heart monogram gobo is one of our finest wedding gobo ideas. 

‘Mr & Mrs’ Wedding Monogram Gobo

If there’s one day you can project an image of your name on the walls, ceiling or dance floor of a venue - it’s your wedding day. The ‘Mr & Mrs’ wedding gobo displays one of the best lighting gobo patterns - your married name. Showcasing your names in gorgeous Italic font, the monogram lighting is essential for your Big Day; imagine the wedding pictures… Not only can you see your new name shine brightly at your venue, but the monogram projection also boasts the date of your wedding. This custom gobo provides a fantastic backdrop to your photos, and you don’t even have to worry if you’re taking on a longer surname. The monogram gobo is available for both long and short names. 

‘B & G’ Monogram Gobo

If you are looking for a fantastically intricate custom gobo, the ‘B & G’ monogram projection has your name all over it. Funnily enough, it has the initials of your titles for the day… The lighting gobo patterns displayed with this monogram lighting are astonishing, standing out amongst the crowd of guests and your wedding decorations. This custom gobo light is a superior alternative to your standard gobo lights and, of course, is personalised. The date of your wedding is part of the wedding gobo template, leaving you with unforgettable memories of your Big Day. 

‘Mr & Mrs Jones’ Wedding Monogram Lighting 

For a clear, simple and sophisticated wedding gobo, look no further than our ‘Mr & Mrs Jones’ wedding monogram gobo. Wedding lighting is a huge part of the wedding planning process, and this is one of the wedding gobo ideas we would wholeheartedly recommend. Creating a beautiful illusion at your wedding, the monogram projection only showcases your name and the special day. There’s no better feeling than seeing your name in lights. 

At Projected Image, we feature a spectacular gobo catalogue of wedding monogram gobos and custom gobo lights. Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss your favourite wedding gobo templates.