The Best Logo Projection on Floor Ideas

The Best Logo Projection on Floor Ideas

Logo projection is a versatile lighting method and, when used correctly, is one of the greatest additions to your event. Upmarket brands, red carpet events and even theatre shows are renowned for using gobo lights, and your occasion also deserves the very best. We’re sharing the advantages of logo projection on the floor and walls, and the ideas you can use to send your event to the next level. 

Advantages of Logo Projection on Floors 

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There are many benefits to logo projection at your function, not least because it will make you stand out from the crowd. We are so used to the typical spotlight and fairy lights at events, that it’s time to think out of the box. Enter, gobo lighting. 


Projecting your gobo lights on the floor of your venue contributes to your overall aesthetic and, ultimately, entertains your guests. You can project images of your brand, text and patterns featuring various designs, such as nature, a starry night and even world-famous monuments. Alternatively, you can upload your artwork for your function and opt for an impressive custom gobo. Your gobos can then be placed inside moving projectors, which allows the designs to move on the surfaces of your venue. In turn, your guests can dance on top of the projections and watch as the bright lights of your gobo move with them. This is also a spectacular opportunity for social media, as your guests are likely to share the pictures of your event with the use of gobo lighting.


As mentioned earlier, there is a huge range of logo projection on floor ideas, all designed to give you maximum visibility. If you’re hosting a corporate function or red carpet event, projecting images on the floor will certainly help you stand out. Gobo lights are still relatively new to the industry and, therefore, contain the element of surprise. Let’s be honest, anyone projecting a gobo image of the Eiffel Tower on the dance floor is going to stand out from standard events.

When hiring a venue for an event, you have to consider your decorations and whether the venue will even let you use them. For example, sticking your brand logo to the floor could mark it, but with a gobo - you don’t have to concern yourself with worries such as this. Ikea has even taken heed of this and now projects arrows on the floor to guide their customers around the store. Should they ever change their layout, they can also just move the gobo projector, rather than removing worn stickers. 

Logo Projection on Floor Templates

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The advantages of logo projection on the floor are impossible to ignore. Gobo lighting increases visibility, allows you to stand out from the crowd and, most importantly, encourages your guests to get on the dance floor. Once you’ve settled on using logo projection on the floor, you need to decide on a gobo template. 

Woodland Setting

Create an exhilarating and exciting enchanted forest at your event. Projecting images of nature - including the forest sky, trees and even fallen leaves - provides an excellent backdrop for any occasion. That, and they also create spectacular photo opportunities. 

Celebration Gobos 

Every event is a celebration, so why not project the celebration designs on the floor? Of course, projecting images doesn't stop at the floor, as logo projection on the walls and ceilings will also catapult your event to the next level. The celebration gobo lights templates range from stars, balloons, dancer silhouettes and even seasonal patterns.

Custom Text Gobos

For those looking to provide a special message at their function, or just display their brand name - custom text gobos are the perfect option. There are a range of fonts available, and they can be used to project your particular gobo light. If you’ve ever wondered what your business, or even personal names, would look like in bright lights - you need wonder no more. 

Of course, logo projection doesn’t stop with the dance floor. You can use logo projection to light up the walls and ceiling of your venue. Gobos also work outside, should you want to shine your brand name on the side of your company building - the possibilities are endless. Get in touch with one of our team to discuss your options.