The Best Fairytale Lights for your Christmas Party

The Best Fairytale Lights for your Christmas Party

We’ve got Disney lights aplenty, as well as a few surprises for your event. Here are our favourite fairytale gobos. 

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Snow White Gobo

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, this Snow White gobo is the fairest of them all.’ The Snow White light is a brilliant addition to any Christmas light ideas, transforming your venue into the archetypal winter wonderland party. Let’s face it; you aren’t going to get much ‘fairer’ than this. Spectacular for children’s Christmas party ideas and even adult Christmas parties, this is one of our most popular Disney lights. The fairytale light is available in metal, monochrome or as a full colour glass gobo, and provides a magical backdrop to your party. 

Snow Queen Gobo

Continuing the fairytale light theme is the Snow Queen gobo light; a Christmas gobo to end all Christmas gobos (just like the film). Disney lights are seeing a huge surge in popularity, and Disney is one of the biggest and best Christmas party ideas of 2017. The Snow Queen gobo light is bold, crisp and clear, but not too childlike that it would be out of place at a work Christmas party. Surrounded by beautiful snowflake lights, with the Snow Queen in the centre of the gobo, you could project this image onto the walls of your winter wonderland party, and pair it with some of our Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas.  

Cinderella Gobo

If you think we do Disney lights well; you’ve not seen anything yet… The brilliant Cinderella light is the perfect gobo for any children’s Christmas party, or Disney themed celebration. Alternatively, if you are showcasing a particular play or even pantomime at Christmas - our gobo lights immediately transform the stage and casts breathtaking illusions on the crowd. One of our most creative uses for gobo lights is the theatre and stage. The Cinderella light is a best-selling fairytale gobo; everyone recognises the fairytale light. You can also choose the Christmas gobo depending on your party. A full colour gobo is available for children’s Christmas or birthday parties, and the monochrome gobo could be for the more sophisticated winter wonderland party. 

Winter Wonderland Gobo 

If you are hosting a winter wonderland party, is there a more perfect Christmas gobo than the Winter Wonderland Gobo? The fairytale light is nothing short of picturesque, with snowflake lights surrounding Christmas trees. It’s what this holiday was made of. There are a few options when it comes to the winter wonderland gobo. You could project the Christmas gobo in the venue, along the walls, as part of your Christmas party ideas. Or, you could highlight the entrance to your building by showcasing it outside with an outdoor gobo projector. The Christmas gobo can be projected outdoors in dim and dark situations, and welcome your guests as they arrive in their finery. Now, that is one of the best Christmas party ideas. 

Star Christmas Tree Gobo

It wouldn’t be right to mention our best fairytale gobos without our star Christmas tree gobo. The tree gobo is, in one word, dazzling. Projecting images of stars in the shape of a Christmas tree is the ultimate winter wonderland party addition, and it even takes the hassle out of buying and decorating a Christmas tree. If you don’t have time to do so, just project the image of a Christmas tree gobo at your venue. We can guarantee your guests will love the idea. 

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We also have a vast catalogue of snowflake gobos that are hugely popular at Christmas. The snowflake gobo is the best Christmas party idea, and we even have a fantastic offer on our snowflake gobos. If you purchase a gobo projector this Christmas, you’ll even get FIVE free snowflake lights.