The Best Event Lighting Tips for Your Christmas Party

The Best Event Lighting Tips for Your Christmas Party

Lighting for events transforms your venue, providing a theme for your party and casting brilliant illusions. To take your event from zero to hero, we’re sharing the best event lighting for your Christmas party. 

Lighting Plan 

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Before purchasing any lighting equipment, first things first is to consider your lighting plan. What room are you looking to light up, and why? Does it fit your Christmas party theme? Once you have decided where you are looking to place your event lighting, look at which parts of the room (or even outside) you would like to illuminate. Is it just the dance floor where you will be showcasing your party lights, or the tables if you are hosting a sit-down dinner. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to lighting for events, and you’ve got to be asking the right questions: 

  • What mood do you want to create with your party lights? 
  • Are you sticking to a monochrome theme, or indulging in colour? 
  • How would you like to use the event lighting? For a particular dance, during dinner, as part of the event entertainment etc. 

Lighting Equipment 

Depending on which form of event lighting you are choosing, contact your venue to check which lighting equipment they have available. If you are opting for a particular gobo light, many venues already boast gobo projectors, but it’s important to double check - especially if you are hoping to use an outdoor gobo projector, for example. We have a whole range of gobo projectors for any such event, with many boasting a large distance for dark parties; perfect for projecting around your venue. 

Some venues may use traditional lighting rigs, which might not be compatible with LED party lights you are hoping to surprise your guests with. The different types of lighting for events also require different equipment; uplighting, spotlights, gobos etc. However, once you have your lighting equipment, you can be sure that your venue will transform into a winter wonderland party, fit for royalty. 

LED Lights

LED lights are, not only hugely popular, but also energy efficient - perfect for those Christmas parties on a budget. LED lights use a massive ten times less electricity than more traditional event lighting, and can last many more hours. LED lights can create spectacular lighting and complement your theme, and there is a rainbow of colours available for event lighting. If you use RGBW LED lights (red, green, blue and white), you can create any desired colour for your celebrations. 


Uplighting is considered one of the best options for event lighting. Event uplighting is, in simple terms, ground-based lights. Uplighting is, typically, used at product launches and other such occasions, as you can use event uplighting to illuminate pop up banners and signs. 

Event uplighting is dramatic, cost-effective and can be used for both indoor and outdoor parties. You can choose between colour or conventional uplighting, adding atmosphere to your Christmas party. You can get modern uplighters that are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about anyone tripping on wires. However, you do need to consider where you are placing your uplighting, and what you are looking to illuminate. 

Lighting Effects

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The most exciting part of event lighting, and worth the weeks (or even months) of planning, is choosing your lighting effects. Special event lighting numbers in the thousands, with so many options to choose from to add drama to your winter wonderland party. 

Of course, the gobo is our favourite when it comes to event lighting effects. The gobo, a piece of metal or glass with a particular pattern or design etched into it, is experiencing mass popularity. Glass gobos can hold colour, so you can project dazzling and colourful images of your brand logo, or festive images, around your venue. It’s important to choose where you would like to project the gobo light before purchasing, as star gobos project better on the ceiling. However, if you are looking for a monogram projection, you could showcase that on the dance floor for your guests to dance over. 

Video projectors are also an impressive event lighting idea, one that will leave your guests not sure where to turn. This special lighting effect can be done with LED moving head projector, almost acting as an animated gobo. You could pair the video projector with a gobo light and utterly transform your venue to one no one will forget. For example, project a video of a city skyline along the walls of your venue, with a star gobo on the ceiling for a mesmerising Christmas party. 

Day and Night Lighting

A common misconception is that event lighting doesn’t work during the day. It’s correct that lighting for events doesn’t work as well as it does in the dark, but there are still plenty of options should your Christmas party start early. 

Look for shaded spaces if you are hoping to use event lighting during the day, such as gobo lights. The shade of a marquee, for example, allows you to project your event lighting at a further distance. Similarly, if you are using event lighting for retail purposes, avoid using your special lighting effects in areas of direct sunlight. It’s also best to steer clear of bright windows and skylights when it comes to event lighting. 

You can read up on how to use gobos during the daytime with our relevant post. We hope you’ve got a cuppa at the ready. 

Don't Stick to Black and White 

As we mentioned earlier, don’t feel you have to stick to a black and white colour scheme with your event lighting. At Christmas, throw a spot of colour into your party. Coloured lighting can still reflect your sophisticated brand image, but allows you to have a little fun. If you are hosting a product launch or even networking event, you could colour code certain areas of your venue with your event lighting - making it much easier for your guests. 

If you would like to discuss event lighting options and what is best for your event, get in touch with one of our team today who will walk you through the process.