Supporting RADA and the Arts

Supporting RADA and the Arts
If you work with Gobos and stage lighting and haven’t heard of the British Institute RADA, you might not be in the right business.
RADA, (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) was founded in 1904, by Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. Off the back of his legendary Shakespeare performances that he not only acted in but also managed the productions.
From those humble beginnings, RADA has grown and produced actors such as Sir Richard Attenborough, to everyone’s current favourite Tom Hiddleston. Along with the rich history of teaching the craft of acting RADA have been pumping out, job ready, stage and lighting managers.
The unseen heroes of theatre lighting and stage production have been able to study here since 1962 on their stage management course. Their comprehensive programme has seen thousand go on to great careers, with a mix of practical and theory.

Lighting is a crucial part in theatre today. Along with set design, stage lighting it is also as an integral part of a production. The whole, look and feel of each scene can hinge on the atmosphere lighting can create.

At Projected Image, we realise the future of Theatre Production is in the youth of today and in particular the RADA Lighting department. We started working with the lighting department in 2009 supporting their productions and providing free Gobos and advice when requested.
We have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the lecturers and students at the various tradeshows and industry networking events. What comes across is the passion they have for Theatre and the creativity they show when they see our products.
Matt Leventhall Head of RADA lighting said “As our industry progresses at lighting speed, Lighting Designers are having to adapt to new equipment, new sources of light and new challenges. But through all of this, the humble gobo has remained constant. It is an essential tool, which adds a dimension to any lighting design, whether used barely perceptibly to enhance a broken down surface or openly descriptively to depict signage, windows or foliage. Projected Image haS stayed at the forefront of gobo production, with innovative patterns and high-quality manufacture. I have found their partnership with RADA immensely useful. It allows our designers, who represent the future of the lighting industry, to experiment in adding this dimension to their work.”  
Gobos started in the theatre and is still a staple there because of its versatility and cost. What you do with a Gobo can make all the difference and this is where RADA and the Lighting department excel, turning a small glass or metal disc into magic, drama and telling a story with light!