Spooky and Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas and Tips

Spooky and Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas and Tips

October 31st without a party bursting with spiders, skeletons, witches and gobo lights (of course) is like Frankenstein without his beautiful wife (it just so happens that we offer those gobos). After a painstaking process, we’ve narrowed down our spookiest Halloween decoration tips; it’s going to be a bumpy night. 

Top Halloween Decoration Tips 

At Projected Image, we love Halloween and all of the Halloween lighting tips and decoration ideas that come with it. In fact, we love it so much that we are sharing our spooky secrets. Enjoy...

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Halloween Projection

To stand out from the typical Halloween party, you need a Halloween projection. Forget dimming the lights and hanging spiders from the ceiling; you can project them on the walls, ceiling, floors and any other surface you can think of. There’s nothing spookier and more terrifying than a giant spider scuttering around the room; your guests will be cowering in fright. We have a range of Halloween gobos available; from spider gobos and skull gobos, to the creepy crow gobo and even Dracula. There isn’t one stone left unturned when it comes to Halloween gobo lighting - your party will go down in infamy… 


Complement the freaky gobo lights with the addition of a fog machine. Create the illusion of spooky shadows and suggest spirits are moving around, while the moving projected image of the terrifying Fright Mask gobo looks down on your guests from the ceiling. Use the fog to create an eerie glow at your party and reap the success of throwing the best Halloween party in town. 

Skull Shaped Logs 

Another Halloween lighting effect idea is that of skull-shaped logs. Cover all bases of Halloween lighting and burn skulls (fake, of course) in the fire. If you truly would like to scare your guests, this fantastic Halloween idea will do so. Pair the skull-shaped logs with a Halloween projection and you’ve got yourself some spooky Halloween decorations. 

Candle Clusters

place candles in carved pumpkins, cluster those same candles on tables draped with cobwebs and anything else spooky you can image - reminiscent of Dracula’s lair. If you are looking to emulate Dracula’s home, we’ve got a spooky lighting idea that your guests will remember long into the night. Our Dracula gobo lighting is perfect for Halloween and providing your party guests with a fright (or two) in the night. 


We can’t get all the way through our top Halloween decoration tips without mentioning skeletons. The staple of all good Halloween parties, you can choose to hang them from the ceiling or even project the gobo lights on the walls. Should you choose to leave them in cupboards for your guests to stumble upon, gain extra spooky points with a terrifying Halloween projection. Our Halloween gobo catalogue is bursting with images that will leave your guests fleeing in fear. Go through if you dare… 

If you’d like to speak to one of our team and discuss your Halloween projection options, get in touch today. If there is a particularly spooky design you would like, we can also create a custom gobo for your celebration! From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties - things are about to go bump in the night.