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Retail Lighting Ideas to Improve your Store

Retail Lighting Ideas to Improve your Store

How a retail space is designed, and illuminated, can have a huge impact on our buying habits, affecting whether we even enter the store at all. The world of retail is changing, and offering the greatest customer experience is all the more important today. Pop-up stalls and online retailers are dominating the scene; utilising store lighting to its full potential can only benefit your brand. We’re sharing our best store lighting ideas to place you ahead of your competitors.


(Image courtesy Lighting House Blog)

Light fixtures have a significant impact on retail lighting. If your store is in a brand-new venue, consider your light fixtures before designing the space. If you are hoping to project a warm, welcoming and cosy feel to your store, vintage light fittings and chandeliers create that effect. However, if your shop features track lighting, it’s unlikely to complement that theme. You need to ensure you have scoped your venue, and work with your light fixtures - or remove them altogether. Separating your fixtures can also break up the room, highlighting certain areas.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ idea to store lighting, and you can afford to be different. You could install your own light fixtures, or even analyse the space to display gobo projectors.


As mentioned above, before considering store lighting ideas, you need to plan for space. Overwhelming your customers with bright lights in such a small space can negatively impact your brand and sales. Consider what mood you would like to project, how you would like to do that and if you have the room. Although, it’s possible to make even the smallest of spaces appear bigger with bright lights. However, if you are hoping to use unique lighting in a venue boasting large amounts of natural light, you need to plan ahead. An example is gobo lighting, which needs shade to project the crispest image. For more information, we have an extensive guide on how to use lighting during the day to help uplift your retail lighting.


One of our finest store lighting ideas is to consider the temperature. You can create an inviting atmosphere and increase footfall with both warm and cool retail lighting. There are benefits to using both types. For a fresh and modern brand, white lighting makes a store appear more spacious and edgy. However, warm tones and colourful hues reflect a welcoming and cosy venue. It’s important to know what goal you are hoping to achieve from your store, and your target audience, before settling for a temperature.

Reflect the Brand

Your store lighting should always reflect your brand. However, even if you offer high-end products, you don’t have to be afraid to experience. You could even go so far as to add a pop of colour to your venue.

We do recommend getting the expert eye of a professional wherever possible. A lighting expert will be able to take in space and fixtures, providing a detailed plan of how best to display your products. Speaking of which, it’s important to note which products you would like to showcase, and how. Perhaps, a spotlight or LED gobo projector and gobo light to promote best-sellers.

Colour Pop

You shouldn’t be afraid of colour when it comes to store lighting ideas. You can afford to throw a spot of colour into the mix, especially if you are hosting a new product launch or opening. Retail lighting doesn’t have to fit into one box. If anything, you can afford to stand out more in this day and age. If you are unsure about incorporating colour retail lighting to your store; start with pastel colours. Avoid brighter colours until you have established your vision for the store.

Unique Lighting

We’re on to the most exciting aspect of retail lighting and the, subsequent, store lighting ideas. Unique lighting allows for the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and showcase your products in the most diverse method possible. For example, gobo lights have proven popular this year, and are said to be even more so in 2018. There are various options of gobo lighting for stores, starting with custom gobos. Custom gobo lighting enables you to project your store logo, or your chosen design, on the walls, floor or ceiling of your store.

There is a range of options when it comes to gobo lighting and gobo projectors for your store. We have a vast gobo catalogue for all occasions, boasting the increasingly popular star gobos and tree gobo lights, among others. Gobo lights can also be projected outside, under the right conditions. If you would like to encourage shoppers from outside your store, all you need is an outdoor gobo projector and a shaded area to do so. However, watch out for natural light if you choose to display your gobo outdoors.

The above image may be taken at a wedding, but showcases the power of the gobo light.

Another use for gobo lights (there are many) is to highlight certain areas of the room. Gobo lights come in all shapes and sizes; from arrows directing shoppers to different sections of your store, to colour LED lights, illuminating the way.

Other Types of Retail Lighting Ideas

There are four primary types of retail lighting: ambient, accent, task and decorative. Unique lighting falls into decorative, but you should utilise all aspects.

Ambient lighting is the main source of light for your store. It shouldn’t be gloomy and allow customers to feel comfortable enough to make their way around. Task lighting is more focused, used to better highlight certain products or areas. Likewise, accent lighting enables areas of your store to pop. Finally, decorative is there to add beauty and excitement to your store.

It’s also worthwhile considering the use of LED lighting. LED lights are energy efficient and cost-effective. Our LED gobo projectors are the perfect source of light for your store, and a great addition to seasonal displays, for example.

If you would like to discuss store lighting ideas and what gobo lights can do for your shop, get in touch with one of our team today.

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