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Protect Customers and Employees: Social Distancing Virtual Signage Solutions for Business Safety

Protect Customers and Employees: Social Distancing Virtual Signage Solutions for Business Safety

The Coronavirus Global Pandemic has created a challenging environment to live and work in. Containing and stopping the spread of the disease is now essential, the 'new normal' is social distancing. Our way of life is changing, for months or even years. Our experience of public spaces, in retail, leisure, hospitality will change. Working in distribution, logistics and warehousing environments will change. These measures will be the norm for the future of this pandemic and beyond.

The current solution:

  • Gaffa tape
  • Paper signage
  • Temporary barriers
  • Vinyl stickers relying on public compliance

The Issues

All of these temporary solutions can have an amateur feel to them. They can very quickly become damaged, dirty and lose their relevance. Some are potential trip hazards and just cause more safety issues.

The solution

Projected signage and marking is the perfect semi-permanent or permanent safety signage solution to replace the temporary measures.

  • Immediately looks permanent
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No need for constant, expensive and time-consuming replacement due to wear and tear
  • Keep your customers and staff safe
  • Can be customisable to include brand colours and fonts
  • Better use of colour psychology to ensure that signage is noticed and effective
  • Reliable and readable - crisp and bright
  • Lasts for at least seven years and is durable
  • Can be repurposed for alternative safety, branded or promotional signage as and when needed
  • Affordable price
  • Experts in the projection industry with 20 year experience
  • Under warranty with a UK supplier
  • Quick delivery

With COVID-19 having a massive impact on people's lives now and probably affecting the way we work, shop and interact in the future, these measures and restrictions will likely be the new normal. The solution we provide is cost effective and also has more impact than temporary signage. Using light and projection instead of stickers and movable barriers increases safety and longevity. Bright, colourful LED projection creates impact, is hard to ignore, and gives importance and authority to these new social distancing rules in unprecedented times.

We supply a full range of projectors with signage for all budgets, for use in retail and hospitality businesses as well as warehouses and more, from using small discrete models, to large, powerful IP-rated projectors for rugged sites and large locations.

The new normal is not temporary. Contact us today to speak to an expert and find out how projected signage can provide a more safe, efficient and cost effective signage solution.

Projected Social Distancing Signage in Action

Below is a graphical example to get projectors to show two markings. For precise measurements please use below as a basic guide:

  • Projector would have to be 6m away with 28º lens for 2m distance
  • Projector would have to be 4.6m away with 35º lens for 2m distance
  • Projector would have to be 3.5m away with 45º lens for 2m distance

For single markings a closer distance can be achieved.