Our Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas for a Winter Wonderland

Our Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas for a Winter Wonderland

If you are hosting a Christmas party, you must cover all bases; lighting, food, drink and, of course, decorations. To help you on your merry journey of planning the celebration, we are outlining our best Christmas party ideas. 

10 Incredible Christmas Party Ideas and Decorations

As we are approaching December, the Christmas decorations are starting to appear, and the invites to parties are pouring in. We are sharing 10 of our favourite family or work Christmas party ideas, to get everyone in the festive spirit. You’ll find a whole host of inspiration, such as a Christmas gobo, venue help and so much more. We hope you’re sat down with a cup of tea and a notebook... 

Christmas Gobo

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It goes without saying that our Christmas party will feature a Christmas gobo or several. In fact, we have a whole host of Christmas gobo ideas for your event. However, our most popular are certainly the snowflake gobos. Perfect for a winter wonderland party, and casting beautiful, fairytale-inspired illusions over your celebrations, the snowflake gobo is nothing short of beautiful. Boasting crisp, clear images of snowflakes, this gobo light will the be the star (snowflake) of the show at your Christmas party. Available as a monochrome glass gobo, the gobo lighting is most dazzling projected onto the ceiling and walls of your venue to ensure guests get the best view of the image. You could even project the snowflake gobo outdoors, onto the side of your chosen building as an unparalleled welcome for your guests. 

If you purchase a gobo projector this Christmas, you'll even get five FREE snowflake gobo lights. 

Magical Entrance 

Your Christmas party starts as soon as your guests arrive at your venue, so consider their entrance. If you have gone to the trouble of creating a fairytale-style party indoors, don’t forget the outdoors. You don’t want your guests turning up to a sub-standard entrance, while dressed in their finery. Add festive cheer to your entrance with holiday lighting; twinkling candles lining the path, fairy lights and, of course, the snowflake gobo to welcome your guests. It doesn’t have to include those ideas, but remember to create a warm and extravagant atmosphere from the moment your guests arrive. 

Fairy Lights

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Continuing with our Christmas lighting ideas, you can’t have a Christmas party without fairy lights; it’s unheard of. There is a vast array of options for Christmas party ideas when it comes to fairy lights. Depending on the type of your venue, you could string them from the ceiling, with the aim to complement the gobo light (of course) shining on the walls. Alternatively, you can hang fairy lights on planted trees in your party room. Should you have large tables, if it happens to be a work Christmas party, you could even place the lights around the centrepiece. 

Christmas Playlist

For work Christmas party ideas, in particular, on a budget, prepare a Christmas playlist. You could save precious money by creating your own, rather than hire a DJ for several hours. Christmas is a time when most people don’t mind getting on the dance floor and hitting the karaoke, so all you need to do is list the perfect songs. Include all the classics of the holidays; All I Want for Christmas is You, Santa Baby, Fairytale of New York and you’ve got the idea.

Festive Balloons 

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Nothing quite says party like balloons. Opt for some festive balloons to tie your theme together. A winter wonderland party is best paired with white, gleaming festive balloons, dotted around your venue. You could leave them hanging from the ceiling, or tie mini decorative weights to the bottom of the balloons to line the dance floor. The cool and quirky shadows of the balloons on the wall, with a gobo light, will provide a brilliant backdrop to your event photos and encourage your guests to get moving on the floor. 


We’ve discussed the importance of Christmas party lighting ideas, but you can’t host your celebrations without candles. As it’s the holidays, you don’t have to stick to the tealights you see at most events, but create excitement with a candelabra. Long associated with the festive period, your event will resemble a board straight out of Pinterest, with ‘candle trees’ dotted around the room. We expect plenty of social media pictures… 

Party Bags 

There ain’t no Christmas party without Christmas party bags. Popular with kids and also adults (who doesn’t love a free gift?), party bags are a proven method to ensure your guests remember your celebrations. The party bags don’t have to cost much either, for Christmas party ideas on a budget. You could even hand out something as small as a free slice of cake, or a cupcake, at the end of your event. 

Sweet Stall 

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If there’s one thing we associate with Christmas, it’s food - and lots of it. With that in mind, you could host a sweet stall in the corner of your venue for the ultimate nostalgia trip for your guests. This sweet stall could hold all of your favourite childhood sweets while providing you with something ‘sweet’ to share on social media. This is also likely to break the ice for guests who may not know each other, leaving them with something to discuss. Who doesn’t like share stories over rhubarb and custard sweets? 

Fairytale Bar 

A bar is one of the most important aspects of a work Christmas party. Don’t forget to decorate it. You can string bunting around the bar, or line it with fairy lights - there are plenty of options. You could even go down the route of logo projection with a bar, and project the name of your event or brand on your bar or in front of your bar, using one of our many gobo projectors. There are many companies using logo projection today, and you can promote your products or services while your guests have a great time. 


Christmas, quite literally, sparklers, so why not share sparklers with your guests. Bonfire night may have been and gone, but sparklers are here to stay for the holidays. If you want your party to go off with a bang, dedicate a certain amount of time for your guests to go outside and play with sparklers. Alternatively, you could serve dessert with a sparkler to create a sense of drama and excitement. 

If you would like to get in touch with one of our team regarding a Christmas gobo as part of your Christmas party ideas, call in to discuss your custom gobo options. Merry Christmas, everybody.