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Our Favourite Innovative Custom Logo Lights in Action

Our Favourite Innovative Custom Logo Lights in Action

A logo gobo is the ultimate promotion for your business or product at your Christmas event, guaranteed to transform the venue and surprise your guests. 

We’ve got plenty of examples of gobo logo projectors, and subsequent gobo lights, in action. These are our top advertising logo projectors to help inspire you at Christmas. 


As part of our sponsorship with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museum, we are providing LED gobo projectors for their brand-new and innovative exhibitions. The Charge! Exhibition was one of our favourites, with our Charge! Gobo light and gobo logo projector taking centre stage, leading the guests through the doors. The exhibition was designed to celebrate the story of England’s Northern Cavalry, featuring a military-inspired program for families. We had great fun arranging the custom logo lights for the event, demonstrating the possibility of a custom text gobo. 

Children in Need

One of our greatest custom gobo light projections was Pudsey the Bear. For a fantastic cause, we provided a custom logo projector - in particular, an outdoor gobo projector - to shine the cuddly yellow bear onto the outside of the building. We also showcased the Children in Need logo with a custom text gobo. The custom logo lights were brilliant, crisp and clear, and showcase the potential of using a logo projector at your Christmas event. There’s nothing that stands out more than projecting a huge image (especially a yellow bear) onto the side of your event venue. 

Cinco de Mayo 

One of our biggest achievements for gobo lights in action was Cinco de Mayo. We were tasked with creating a custom gobo, along with LED gobo projector, to mark the country’s 200th anniversary of independence from Spain. Our gobo logo projectors were displayed in the centre of Mexico City, in the main square, and were a mixture of our own artwork, along with Mayan-inspired gobo patterns. You can even use your outdoor gobo projector to highlight the street you are hosting your Christmas party, should you want to dazzle your guests upon entering.

Batman Gobo

It’s not just monogram gobo lights you can have at your party, but superheroes too. Forget hiring a hero for your party, and use an LED gobo projector to showcase images of your guests favourite characters on the wall. We were asked to provide a Batman gobo for the Justice League premier, and it was one of our best tasks to date. Everyone in the office had great fun, and we used a logo gobo for the Justice League, along with the ever-popular Batman gobo.

London 2012 

Image Via Pinterest

An excellent custom gobo light example is that of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Rather than sticking signs up, they hopped onto the trend before it had even gained traction and showcased their logo around their venues. Another tick for the logo gobo and advertising logo projector. 

Logo Gobo

Image Via Pinterest

Instead of corporate banners or, even worse, stickers - showcase your company name on the wall, or ceiling of your venue. There have been so many examples of advertising logo projectors and gobo lights working to promote business, and they do so effectively. How many times have you seen your company logo shine bright on the side of a building? Above is just a pick of the number of images of major brands using logo projectors and custom logo lights at their events. As one of our event lighting tips for your Christmas party, we recommend taking a leaf out of their book and showcasing your name with innovative custom logo lights. You don’t have to sacrifice the sophisticated nature of your business, but only serve to enhance it with a logo light. 

If you would like to speak to one of our team regarding your custom logo lights and logo projectors, get it touch today - our team are more than happy to help. You can even look through our gobo catalogue for ideas and inspiration for your party. 

In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.