Our Favourite Colour Gobo Lights for Christmas

Our Favourite Colour Gobo Lights for Christmas

Our colour glass gobos are bright, bold and nothing short of beautiful. If you can’t celebrate with a colour light at Christmas, when can you? We’re sharing our pick of the best multi colour lights for your party, as well as Christmas party ideas on how to illuminate your event with colour.

Know your Colours

Multi colour lights play a pivotal role in projecting the particular emotion you would like to convey at your Christmas party. In fact, the colour palette of your Christmas lighting ideas is just as important as the decorations, furniture, venue and even guests. To utterly transform your venue into a winter wonderland, you need light - and lots of it.

Know the basics when it comes to coloured lighting, especially if you happen to be using outdoor coloured lights, as the wrong lighting can affect your plans. You should also be aware of the emotions multi colour lights can evoke. For example, softer and darker coloured lights reflect warmth and a cosy Christmas party idea. However, bright lights can signal a disco or club-style party. You don’t have to be afraid of colour at your Christmas party - particularly if you are hosting a corporate Christmas party - as even colour gobos can look sophisticated and represent your business as you would like.

Scout the Venue

Once you are sure of the colour lights you would like to use, it’s important to check it works with your chosen venue. Colours look different, depending on the environment they are projected. The colour glass gobo on the walls, floor, ceiling or even furniture may look different to what you had initially expected, so it’s best to scout the venue ahead of time. By doing so, you can also look at what particular areas of the venue you would like to illuminate. Whether that is just the bar, dance floor or even to project signs on the floor to guide people to the entrance or the toilets etc.

Our 5 Favourite Colour Glass Gobos

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Our colour glass gobos selection is vast and diverse. From gorgeous cloud gobos to fire gobos, to more abstract patterns and even flags - you can find something for every event.

Fire Gobo

There’s nothing more warming and welcoming as one of our top Christmas lights ideas, than our fire gobo. The fire gobo is nothing short of eye-catching, projecting brilliant images of roaring flames at your event. The illusion cast by this full-colour glass gobo is impressive; forget hunting for a traditional fireplace at your venue and rely on this gobo light projection instead. Your guests will be, literally, dumbfounded as you display the fire gobo light on the walls of your venue, providing an unforgettable backdrop to the many professional photographs taken at your event. The fire gobo is the ultimate winter warmer; perfect for any winter wonderland or Christmas lighting ideas. You could even project the gobo lighting on the dance floor, so your guests can truly light up the floor…

Christmas Stars Gobo

Forget a regular star gobo during the holidays; what you need is our Christmas stars gobo. The gobo light patterns are astonishing, perfectly complementing the winter wonderland theme. The star gobo projects lighting patterns of blue and white stars around your venue. As one of our event lighting tips, we recommend you showcase this particular gobo light on the ceiling of your venue, enabling your guests to experience dancing under the stars (but in the warm). You don’t have to stick to indoors with our Christmas stars gobo, but you could take the colour light outside. For example, use an outdoor gobo projector to showcase the star gobo on the entrance to the building. That way, your dazzling event starts from your guests’ arrival. We can guarantee that not many of your guests will have been welcomed by outdoor star lights, shone onto the side of a building.

Glitter Gobo

Glitter is essential for Christmas. It’s almost unheard of to list Christmas party ideas without mentioning glitter lights. Our glitter gobo is so festive; it deserves a place within our event lighting tips. Displaying gold patterns of glitter (or tiny stars), the glitter gobo is a best-seller during the festive period. Many sophisticated brands have taken inspiration from the popularity of gobo lights, and projected glitter lighting at their particular events. Traditional party lighting is no more; gobo lights can transform your venue into the stuff of dreams. Our glitter gobo is available as a two colour glass gobo and perfectly represents the Christmas period.

Cloud Gobo

The cloud gobo is another brilliant addition to our Christmas party ideas. The colour light truly is unrivalled, allowing you to feel as if you are celebrating outside. It’s as Christmassy as you can imagine, and you don’t have to stop at projecting it on the ceiling or walls of your venue. For an out-of-this-world experience, your guests can dance on the clouds or enjoy dinner sitting in the sky, if it happens to be a sit-down event. The cloud gobo is a brilliant blue, ideal for any winter wonderland event or Christmas party. Can you picture the Facebook images of your event, with your guests celebrating in the clouds..?

Rose Gobo

If you are throwing a more traditional Christmas party and would like Christmas lighting ideas for seasonal colours - such as red and gold - look no further than our rose gobo. The red rose gobo is a wonderful symbol of the festive period and is unbelievably beautiful when projected on the dance floor of your venue. The rose gobo could also be used at a festive wedding reception. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this gorgeous gobo light.

At Projected Image, we’re also offering five snowflake gobos for every gobo projector purchased; your Christmas party lighting needs are taken care of already.

We have plenty of event lighting tips for your Christmas party, including which types of multi colour lights and monochrome lighting to consider. You can also get in touch with one of our team regarding a particular colour glass gobo. If you haven’t found the perfect design for your Christmas party, you can create a custom gobo!