Not the Classic use for a Gobo

Not the Classic use for a Gobo

As the leading gobo and projection company in the UK and also based in the Newcastle we were approached to produce a gobo with a new portrait of the composer Mozart. This was to be projected around Newcastle and Gateshead, onto buildings and monuments to commemorate the genius of Mozart, and also as gorilla advertisement for the up coming concerts.

There were on 14 known images of the composer Mozart produced when he was alive but is face is as recognisable today as it was back then. Now, a new portrait of Mozart has been produced and this is where we comes into the equation.

The idea to carry out the Dark Mozart projection series was borne out of the Royal Northern Sinfonia 2015/16 classical season, where the orchestra led by Music Director Lars Vogt have set out to ‘reclaim Mozart’ from the popular misconception of the composer established by the classical music industry.

New York artist, Tim O’Brien was commissioned to create an image of Mozart that took a look at the composer from a fresh, 21st century angle, as more of a Jonny Rotten figure. It was then projected around key sites in Newcastle, almost like a batman-esque calling card. The aim was to display Mozart beyond the walls of the concert hall, and show what the orchestra felt to be the real, darker Mozart. 

Concept: James Inverne (Inverne Price Music Consultancy)
Gobo: Produced and made by Projected Image (
Artwork: Tim O’Brien (
Projectionists: NOVAK (
Commission from: Sage Gateshead / Royal Northern Sinfonia