Lighting Your Christmas Event with a Gobo

Lighting Your Christmas Event with a Gobo
Organising Christmas events and parties are big business and marketing Christmas is coming earlier every year. The John Lewis advert is on TV in the first week of November and Christmas decorations are on sale in October, so making sure your event is bigger and better than the previous year is even more critical to your business than before. Not only can a great Christmas event be used as an excuse for impressing and networking with clients, but can give your staff a morale boost and something to look forward to by bonding over the Christmas spirit.
One of the biggest factors in organising an event usually comes down to the budget. Once the big boss decides on how much he want to spend, you'll have the choice to either employ an events company (your boss or his clients must love Christmas) or to do it yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re in-house events staff or a large event specialist, using a gobo should always be within your budget.

Which venue?

First job is to decide on the right venue, most external venues will offer a Christmas package and this may include lighting so make sure you get it right and turn your party in a winter wonderland. If your venue has lights, all you need to do is find out the manufacturer and model, get in touch with us and we can produce a gobo for that light.  
If they haven’t got lights you can buy one of our projectors, which you will receive a free gobo with and also can be used to brand your business at future events with a company logo. Gobo are a great tool for branding any venues with the flick of a switch.
If you are a venue owner or the management/marketing team of a shopping centre or hotel then you might want to think about offering a lighting package as an added extra. You can use multiple projections to set a scene and add texture to your wall, walkways or floor. The added advantage is once you have mounted your projectors all you need to do is switch them off to take the decoration down and change the snowflake gobo for heart to decorate Valentines day?

Which Gobo?

We have several festive themed catalogue designs, which are well within even the tightest budget. If you want something more extravagant go for a full colour glass gobo and dress Santa in your corporate colours.
Some of our most popular festive gobos we sell are snowflakes. Snowflake gobos are a great way to imply Christmas without being too in your face or obviously. This stylist alternative to a Santa slay is also great for Christmas themed events where a customer wants something more PC or for religious reason, more neutral decor.  
We have sold snowflake gobos, which have been used to project onto busy high streets outside shopping centres or in small venues with themed events like Disney’s Frozen. If your budget stretches too more than one gobo team it up with snowmen and a pattern break up to look like ice.
Also you can’t forget about the Christmas tree, the centrepiece of all festive decoration at home but why should this be any different at your event? Well usually it’s because it can take hours to decorate and may not be worth it for one night or could simply be floor space. Instead why don’t you try one of our Christmas tree gobos and take all the hassle out of putting up baubles and tinsel and project it onto a wall!
For the more traditional lovers of a garish Christmas why not project Santa and his reindeers on a wall flying over your event, we also have holly, angels and text gobos to go full Christmas crazy.
Lighting has always been a massive part of Christmas but doesn’t have to break the bank, check out on Pinterest for some more inspiration but why don’t you give it a gobo!