Lighting Up The Hatton Gallery Launch

Lighting Up The Hatton Gallery Launch
After becoming an official corporate sponsor of Tyne & Wear Museums & Archives (TWAM) we were tasked with supplying the Gobo for the opening of the newly redeveloped Hatton Gallery.
The redevelopment project was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and reopened on the 7th October with a drink reception and exclusive viewing of the new Pop Art exhibition featuring some of the most significant figures of that movement including Andy Warhol and Kurt Shwitters.
This kind of event is perfect for a Gobo to use as branding or simply as a directional aid to guests. TWAM marketing team, however, wanted the Hatton Gallery logo to be projected as guests entered.
Using a Gobo in the Gallery re-enforces the new brand in a slick and high visible manner with the gobo projector set to rotate. The rotating feature is great for catching the eye of guests to add movement and making a space look my dynamic.
The Gobo Projector TWAM are using is one of our 80 Watt high powered Outdoor LED Gobo Projectors, this gave the projection enough punch to be highly visible in a white, well lit, large space.
With a list of upcoming events we are looking forward to supporting the multiple venues across TWAM with lighting ideas, so keep a lookout for more great ways Gobo’s can be used in Galleries, Museum’s and other Heritage sites to enhance an event, space or party.