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Last Minute Winter Wonderland Decoration Ideas for your Party

Last Minute Winter Wonderland Decoration Ideas for your Party

If you happen to have left your winter wonderland party decorations to the last minute, we’re sharing our top tips for fast results. These winter wonderland party ideas will transform your venue, but you’ll have to act fast.

Silver and White Accessories

One of the easiest winter wonderland party ideas is to stock up on silver and white accessories. You can line the dancefloor with silver trees, place clusters of white candles on the tables and scatter silver and white accessories throughout your winter wonderland party. In the run-up to Christmas, you can find these accessories in almost every shop in the High Street, should you need to run out on your lunch break. You could even hang silver wreaths on the entrance to the party and around the venue for a magical twist. Pinterest is inundated with ideas for a winter wonderland theme, and you can find plenty of inspiration for your celebrations. The use of the silver and white accessories is also two-fold, as metallics are predicted to be a hugely popular 2018 wedding and event trend.

These accessories can also take care of a small part of your Christmas lighting ideas, in the form of silver and white candles. There’s not much that says Christmas party lights more than candles, and they are a cost-effective and efficient winter wonderland decoration if you are running out of time.

Christmas Gobo

A Christmas gobo is the perfect addition to any Christmas lighting ideas and perfectly complements the above suggestions. Project breathtaking images of snowflake gobos onto the ceiling of your venue, with snow on the dance floor providing a gorgeous backdrop to your guests dancing. Alternatively, you can opt for a star gobo to shine onto the ceiling of your venue. Our star gobo lighting is hugely popular during the festive season, and even saves on the lighting bill (even more reason). Our LED gobo projectors can project images at huge distances, and add a touch of magic to your winter wonderland party.

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There are more options when it comes to gobo lights, and you can even project them outside. Welcome your guests with fake snow and an outdoor gobo projector, displaying a festive image of even your brand logo. We offer a vast gobo lights catalogue, along with custom gobos for logo projection at a corporate event. If you order your custom gobo before 10am, it will be sent out that same day; perfect for last minute party planners. And, if you purchase a gobo projector, you’ll receive five free snowflake gobos.

Enchanted Cocktails

We all know that cocktails and Christmas party ideas go hand in hand. However, you could create unique concoctions that dazzle your guests, and only take minutes to make. For example, incorporate mulled wine and eggnog into your cocktails, and serve them from a magical pop-up bar. You could hire a small sweet stall and transform it into a bar, stringing winter wonderland theme bunting around the top. We can guarantee this will be one of the most popular areas of the Christmas party. You could even make it stand out with the use of a gobo light, illuminating the way to the bar. We even boast ‘bar’ gobo lights for those that are still not sure where to sample the enchanted cocktails.

Fake Snow

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This one might be a little harder to source than the accessories, but it’s worth the extra effort. No matter what age or type of event, everyone loves playing in the snow. It’s even better when you don’t have to go outside and feel the cold, but still enjoy the experience of creating snow angels. Sprinkling fake snow on the tables at your venues, on the dance floor and the bar top is the definition of a winter wonderland party; one that your guests will remember for years to come. You could even go so far as to welcome your guests with a little fake snow, for the ultimate dazzling winter wonderland theme.


Catering may be something that you believe has to be booked well in advance, and you would be right. However, you can create your own ‘sweet stalls’, as mentioned above. You can find the stalls, or even tables, in most high street stores, and they only need a spot of decorating to prepare them for your winter wonderland party. You don’t need to opt for ‘posh’ food; everyone loves a spot of pick ‘n’ mix at an event. Similar to the bar, you could spring bunting or even fairy lights around the stall for a truly magical effect, especially to a backdrop of Christmas candles, fake snow and star gobo lights.

If you would like to add gobo lights to your winter wonderland party, get in touch with one of our team as soon as possible, and we’ll help transform your event.

In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.