Ideas for Wedding Gobo Templates

Ideas for Wedding Gobo Templates

Personalise your wedding day with wonderful wedding gobo templates, featuring custom gobos for your chosen theme. Forget spotlights on the dance floor and embrace wedding gobo templates. Gobos for wedding receptions are exciting, elegant and project your desired image at your reception. For those not in the know as to what a gobo is, it is a small, circular piece of glass or metal, placed in a frame or holder. This wedding gobo, in turn, projects a huge image of whatever you have so chosen at your reception. 

The right wedding lighting is a necessity for all memorable ‘big days’ - it’s not only food, Prosecco and dancing you have to consider. A gobo for wedding will go with your theme and turn your big day into a one-of-a-kind celebration. There are several wedding themes to consider when looking at a wedding gobo, even custom gobos displaying your married name in lights. 

5 Wedding Gobo Templates

1) Wedding Monogram Gobo Templates 

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Add a personal touch with monogramed wedding lighting and watch your name shine brilliantly bright on the dance floor. However, it doesn’t stop there - you can even showcase your wedding monogram gobo on the walls of the venue. You can opt for a range of monogram gobos, from custom gobos displaying your new name to the classic Bride and Groom wedding gobo templates. There is nothing more unique than an image of your names and the date of your ‘big day’, splashed across your beautiful reception.

2) Romantic Gobo Templates 

Start your celebrations in true style, with a romantic wedding gobo. The romantic wedding gobo templates cover a range of projected images, perfectly complementing your chosen theme. The likes of rose gobos, love heart and sparkle gobos - available in a vast selection of colours and designs - as well as the Cupid image and the engagement ring gobo will leave you with unforgettable memories. The romantic gobos for weddings can be personalised for that extra special touch; it is wedding lighting for your ‘big day’ after all. 

3) Nature Gobo Templates 

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You don’t have to travel all the way to Paris to dance under the Eiffel Tower. The landscape wedding gobo templates are in a world of their own and deserve their very own theme. Big Ben, the Golden Gate Bridge, New York, Hong Kong and even our beloved Angel of the North can drop by your wedding reception. If there is a particular landscape you would like and it is not on the list, it’s even possible to create a bespoke location gobo for your wedding day. Who needs a honeymoon with a landscape gobo for weddings? 

At Projected Image, we are Europe’s best manufacturer of gobo lights and designs and we also specialise in creating custom gobos. If you have a particular wedding gobo template in mind, you can contact us and send your design across!