How to Use Gobo Lighting in the Daytime

How to Use Gobo Lighting in the Daytime

Gobo lights and, subsequently, gobo projectors are enjoying their time in the spotlight (literally). Gobo lighting has long been used for events, but they are enjoying increasing popularity for weddings and various other events.

What is a Gobo Light?

A gobo is a versatile lighting method, projecting brilliant lighting patterns around your venue. Gobos create an illusion of light and provide an atmospheric backdrop to an otherwise standard event. Forget switching on the light switch and start thinking about gobo lighting.

A gobo is available in metal or glass and has designs cut into it to project the image of your chosen gobo design. The designs number in their hundreds - from nature to landscape - or you could opt for a custom gobo, and showcase a lighting gobo pattern unique to your brand/bar/restaurant/event etc.

Gobo Lights for Outdoors

Gobos are an effective marketing tool for pop-up bars, product launches and events. However, there is a common misconception that gobo projectors and gobo lighting only work well in the dark. You are correct in assuming that it is more difficult to see a gobo projection in a fully lit environment, but it’s certainly not impossible. The lighting can make it slightly more difficult for an outdoor gobo projector, but you should look for (or create) a shaded space for the gobo projector.

Festivals are a fantastic example of gobo projection outdoors, particularly during the earlier sets. The shade of a marquee or tent during the day enables the gobo projectors to project images at a much further distance. If you are looking into DJ gobo projectors and how to transform your performance with the addition of gobo lights, we have a post on the best DJ gobo projectors and why DJs are using gobo lighting.

If you don’t happen to have a tent or cover for your event to project images using your LED gobo projector, choose a tall building or hillside facing away from the sun and falls into shadow towards the afternoon.

Recommended Outdoor Gobo Projectors

We have a range of outdoor gobo projectors that will create a fascinating live event, providing excelling lighting patterns. You could also use the gobo projectors for an outdoor wedding during the day, and project monogram lighting of your names on your big day. Please note: gobo projection does not work in direct sun light. Our projectors are very powerful, but not as powerful as the sun!

Indoor Gobo Projectors for Retail

Gobo lighting is also great for retail displays. As mentioned above, the use of a gobo projector and gobo lighting is an excellent tool for marketing. You can use LED gobo projectors for retail displays, especially when there isn’t much natural light in a store. To showcase your gobo light, whether that be a custom gobo for your brand, reduce competing light. By that, we mean choose a surface the sun will not reach to ensure your gobo lights produce a crisp, clear image.

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You can opt for logo projection in a blank hallway within your building; steer clear of bright windows and skylights as they may have an adverse effect on the gobo lighting. Another exciting and innovative use for gobo lights is that of trade shows and wedding fairs. Rather than showcase your brand name with a banner or large image, use a logo gobo for projecting an image of your company onto the floor in front of your stall. Your guests will have to walk over your logo projection, ensuring most people will see it. It also means you don’t have to use stencils for promoting your brand, which could damage surfaces.

Recommended Indoor Gobo Projectors

Our gobo projectors are capable of projecting bright images onto most surfaces in normal, indoor situations. Our Evica gobo projector is our most popular and portable on the market, perfect for discreet pop-up launches. However, we’ve also outlined a few others for logo projection at any indoor event during the day.

We have an extensive range of gobo lights in our gobo catalogue, alongside custom gobos for your party/wedding/event. Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss your event lighting options.