Guide to Choosing Gobo Lights

Guide to Choosing Gobo Lights
The Gobo is one of the most versatile lighting methods for your desired projected image. First things first, what is a gobo? A gobo is, traditionally, a piece of metal with designs cut into it, producing an impressive pattern of light. However, you can get glass gobos, as well as metal gobos. 
There’s no need for standard lighting equipment, with the arrival of gobos and even custom gobos. The gobo has also seen a surge for weddings and events, adding a personal touch - from monogrammed custom gobos to nature-inspired gobos - projecting beautiful images onto the walls of the venues and even the dance floors. To ensure your event is an occasion your guests will never forget, here is our guide to choosing a gobo projector. 

Different Types of Gobo Lights 

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There are two types of projected image gobos; metal and glass. Both gobo projectors can be used at a variety of events, including weddings, parties and birthdays, and you can find out more detail on the differences between the two gobos on our Glass vs Metal Image Projectors blog

Metal Gobo Image Projectors

Metal gobos are cut from a single sheet of metal. It’s possible to cut very intricate designs out of the metal and, unless the light uses a coloured filter, only the original bulb light can be seen when projected through a metal gobo stencil. For those that desire a gobo projector for their event, metal gobos are the perfect choice to display projected images on a budget. They are bright, beautiful and are an excellent for the decoration of your venue. 

Glass Gobo Image Projectors

Glass gobo projectors differ from metal gobos, in that they can be created using a variety of colours. With glass gobos, you can have even more complex projected images. You can also get black and white glass gobo lights, allowing for very fine detailed images to display. It’s worth noting that, with technology, glass image projectors are more resistant to the heat and are now made of a high-temperature borosilicate glass, with a reflective coating. In basic terms, this means the light isn’t absorbed like other types of glass. To see how the layers for glass gobos are produced, check out our how to make a gobo blog.

Gobo Lights Designs

Gobo projector models are available in large numbers. At projected image, we have over 2,000 various designs in our gobo catalogue. The patterns range from landscape and architectural - such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Golden Gate Bridge and even Newcastle’s beloved Angel of the North - to the more classic designs. Those include monogrammed gobos, featuring ‘Bride and Groom’ text for weddings, and celebration image projectors, including balloons, Happy Birthday and stars. You can even project anything from spiders to ghosts, Dracula to Frankenstein with our selection of Halloween gobos. Nature projected images are also seeing a rise in popularity, producing leafy patterns, the vast forest sky and beautiful trees on the walls at your event.

Custom Gobo Lights Designs

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Custom gobo projectors add that extra personal touch to any big day. If a particular pattern you would like is unavailable, or you would like to create a design, it’s possible to create a unique projected image. At Projected Image, we have a step by step guide to choosing a custom gobo projector. Firstly, you will choose the type of gobo projector (metal or glass) and then upload your artwork. You will also be asked for any additional information to help provide the best gobo - it’s that simple. 

Can I Just Buy the Gobo Light? 

To display your projected image, all you need is a gobo projector. Many venues will have a projector, but it’s worth asking before you purchase a gobo or even custom gobo. The gobo holders sizes also vary, so make sure you have the right one before you buy. We also provide an extensive range of gobo projectors, ranging from high-powered projectors for indoor and outdoor use, to smaller models. 
If you have a specific gobo image design in mind or would like one of our already produced gobo projectors, please get in touch!