Gobos for TV and Cinema

Gobos for TV and Cinema
Invented for the stage and theatre we have seen gobos adapted and used in some weird and wonderful ways. Gobo projection is widely used in the live events industry and stage lighting and set lighting providing branding, decors, props, signage and more.
However recently we have seen an uptake it film set lighting and requirements for gobos. Set design lighting has always been an important part of film sets, styling colour palettes and setting atmosphere and mood. Gobos can not only provide this but can also provide props which can be effective not only to the naked eye but on film as well.
We were approached by Pawel P. Achlelik of the London Film School about helping with a student project. Pawel wanted to film a scene, which would show a bright beautiful full moon.
Pawel initially rang for advice on how this might work and what kind of effect he could expect.  He already had a gobo projector so we adapted the Full Moon Gobo from our catalogue for the small price of some images for our website and a quote.
"The company Projected Image UK Ltd provided us with a high-quality gobo model Full Moon Gobo (product code: 137) made of glass, which helped us create an astonishing full moon projection. To do that we used one lamp Source 4 Zoom (750W) and a piece of cardboard stuck to a black backdrop. The model itself was not only aesthetic but also very durable. It was packed in a metal box, which provided necessary safety. The collaboration with Projected Image UK Ltd was very professional and extremely efficient. I would definitely work with them again as well as recommend them to others."
Pawel P. Achtelik - Filmmake

If you have a project coming up and want to use a gobo or just need any advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website for more info.