GoBoo with a Gobo this Halloween

GoBoo with a Gobo this Halloween
Ever wondered why you use pumpkins, bats and monsters to decorate your Halloween event? Well let's take a look back (and forward) to how you can make your haunted house and venue the spookiest around.
So we all know that in the UK our Halloween pales in comparison to the USA, however the modern origins started with Celtic pagans over this side of the water and the summer festival of Samhain. Then around the Christian festival, which was on the eve of All Hallows Day. All Hallows Day was a custom, which appeased the dead and spirits, in Ireland the custom of going door-to-door, dressing up and reciting verses was done in exchange for food. Basically an old fashioned version of trick or treat.
All of this imagery and superstition has just been up-dated and transferred into popular culture. As the mass migration from Ireland to the US happened in the 19th century, it was used to bring the Irish community together. Gradually it was adopted into mainstream society and celebrated across the world.
With shops dedicated to decorations and even whole shopping centres getting in on the action it can be easy to go over the top but not so easy putting them up, taking them down or buying them on a budget. Using more than one gobo can combat all of these problems.
Obviously one of the most popular Halloween decorations is the good old Jack-O-Lantern. Basically a pumpkin (or Turnip if you lived in my house!) with a scary face carved in it, then a candle placed in the middle to light it up. Lighting at an event is a great way to create atmosphere and make it memorable. However using a candle could freak out any Health and Safety officers so might not be the best idea. However if you do want to light up your event, you might want to look at a Gobo projection instead.
Another popular image is Bats, they have an association with Dracula, night-time and witches all of which can put the frighteners up your clients. Bats are a great simple way to use to decorate your event space, not only because the shape is easily identifiable but because a lot people don’t like the fact they can fly. Which is the perfect reason to use a gobo, no climbing ladders and tying them to staple the roof just a simply gobo projector and gobo can do the trick nice and easy.
So horror is one of the most lovely film genres around. Things like vampires and monsters more popular now than they have ever been, with remakes and books galore about these legends it make not only for great Halloween costumes but décor. If you’re looking to go more down the themed Hollywood monster route we have some bespoke Werewolf, Dracula and Frankenstein designs at catalogues prices.
Lights have been used since the inception of celebrating Halloween before it was even Halloween, so why no go all out this year without the effort of hanging fake cobwebs and go boo with a gobo by buying one here.