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Gobo Projection Signage

Gobo Projection Signage


Navigation - With retail spaces getting larger and full of a diverse range of products sometimes your customers needs help getting around the store. Directional Gobo Lighting helps direct footfall and the flow of traffic in your shop to ensure maximum coverage and increased buying time.

Superstores like Ikea - One retailer to already do this is Ikea, using gobo lighting to project arrows onto the floor they successfully guide customers around to make sure they go through every department to grab those impulse buys.

Changing layout - If you change the layout of your retail space regularly and want to save costs on signage, gobo projection could be the answer. Once a gobo projector is mounted, you can purchase a new gobo for as little as £49 for a standard font glass gobo and change them around between departments as you see fit.

Outdoor - Directional gobo lighting outside is now popular in modern urban developments. Architectural lighting is becoming more creative and affordable for local councils and funded schemes. We have recently produced gobos, which were placed on a roundabout in Denmark with road signs to direct traffic.


Reception - The reception is often the first impression anyone gets when visiting your business. As we know first impressions last and projected signage is always clear and readable but also looks expensive and very modern bringing activity and style.
Identity - Logo projection is great for branding and marketing your business but it is also good for getting across a culture or theme of what you and your business represent or sell. We have recently worked with ladies fashion retailer Misguided to sell their image of a modern woman and retail space by projecting quotes which not only embody who they are as a business, but who their customers want to be, taking inspiration from powerful women across multiple industries and sectors.
Numerous locations - Want your venue or business to have brand consistency across multiple locations?  The best way is gobo projection, easy to install, set up and even cheap to change if you rebrand. One of the great things about projection is the ability to brand any surface, which can come in handy if you occupy different types of building or spaces (similar to the pub chain Wetherspoons) but want them to all have a common theme.
Pop Up - Retail Pop-up shops and especially restaurants are incredibly popular but constantly moving location can be an expensive to rebrand and for signage. Well not with a gobo projector, easy to transport and easy to install this is the perfect solution as a pop-up.


Toilets - May seem obvious but in many, up marketplaces, the toilets can be reflective of the standard of venue. Have clear modern lighting directing people to a toilet is helpful but in pop-up venues and events held in external venues, this is always an important consideration.
Exits - Again with pop-ups and external venues clearly marked Exit signage is not only important for health and safety but helpful for guests and attendees to clearly find their way around a space. Projected Exit signage is great for dark spaces or narrow venues so you can clearly see where you are.
Hazardous/ Health and Safety - With health and safety laws constantly changing and the signage needed around them for different regulations gobo projection could be a great choice. We have worked with factories and warehouses to mark out loading bays and caution signs to mark floors rather than having signage painted on. The advantage of this is the layout of the space can be changed around easily. Also if the regulation is updated they are no need to repaint as a simple change of gobo will al that will be required.
Change in law (EU) - As we prepare to leave the EU no doubt laws and regulation are bound to change, this could mean removing or update signage across your full working environment. If this is the case why don’t you replace it with Gobo signage, not only will it look amazing the cost of change it again will drop dramatically.
In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.