Gobo Lighting Ideas for Wedding Themes

Gobo Lighting Ideas for Wedding Themes

For those who may not understand what is a gobo, it stands for GOes Before Optics and produces a spectacular pattern, or custom design, of light when placed in a projector. You can project your desired image for your wedding reception across the walls, ceiling, dance floor or even outdoors. 

Gobo Lights for your Wedding Theme

We’ve got a huge range of wedding gobo lights for your reception themes, and have rounded up the pick of our favourites:


Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, and now it’s your chance. On your wedding day, you deserve the right royal treatment, and there’s no better way to do so than by projecting an image of falling stars. Achieving a fairytale wedding theme is easier than you might think, with the addition of a wedding gobo and, subsequently, the forest sky or firework gobos on the walls, ceiling or even the dance floor for your first dance. 


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There’s no denying the rustic wedding theme is hugely popular. With the rise of outdoor weddings, trees and foliage inspired wedding gobos have experienced an almighty surge. Providing the quirky and Instagram-style forest feel, the gobos are perfect for a woodland setting. You can choose from the likes of falling leaves, huge trees, flowers, bunches of beautiful roses and much more. You can project your desired wedding gobo image in a rustic-style marquee, or even outdoors - the possibilities are endless. 

Classic Romance 

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We can’t forget the classics… Classic romance is one of the most elegant wedding themes, due to its simplicity and sophistication. This wedding reception theme typically involves a neutral colour scheme, candles and lush blooms of white roses. Put that together with a projected monogram wedding gobo of your name in huge letters, spread across the venue, or even your new titles as Bride and Groom, with the date of your wedding - and you’ve got yourself a wedding reception decoration that transforms your classic romance theme. You could also use the wedding monogram gobos for a vintage theme; the spectacular fonts of the gobos are perfectly in keeping with your retro reception. 


Your day (wedding reception theme) at the carnival just got a whole load better… Step up the entertainment with a circus-inspired wedding reception, filled to the brim with party games, sweet stalls, light-up letters and, of course, a kissing photo booth. Speaking of the decorations, your wedding light ideas should be front and centre. Enter, the carnival/celebration wedding gobo. There are balloons, jugglers and even an interval curtain to project at your reception, transporting your guests back to those memories of the funfair.


You don’t have to travel far and wide for your big day, as you can bring these locations to you. Tour the world from the comfort and glamour of your wedding reception, with an appearance from Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, New York skyline and even Rome. The landscapes and architectural gobo templates are a wonderful addition to any wedding reception, pairing well with your decorations, such as world maps, exotic flowers and huge centrepieces. 


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Christmas is creeping up on us and, as the holidays do, so do the Christmas-inspired weddings. The fake snow, white decorations, trees and feel of winter in the air provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to your big day. But we can go one further, with a festive wedding gobo. Forget about hiring fake snow and project images of snowflakes around the venue, or even Christmas trees. 

You can speak to one of our team regarding a gobo for your chosen wedding theme. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom wedding gobo, uploading your own artwork for your special day.