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Exciting Gobo Light Ideas to Boost your Pop Up Bar at Christmas

Exciting Gobo Light Ideas to Boost your Pop Up Bar at Christmas

In recent years, Christmas has also brought with it pop up bars, pop up stalls and pop up restaurants. The addition of these temporary venues to our high streets has become a signal of the holidays and festive spirit, but it takes more than a good idea for it to come to fruition.

Top Gobo Lights for Pop Up Venues

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If you have settled on hosting a pop up bar, pop up stall or even pop up restaurant for Christmas, we salute you. The brand-new idea to the market is seeing increasing signs of popularity. While you must consider location and temporary venue hire; don’t forget venue lighting. The lighting ideas for your venue are what will transform your pop up bar, for example, and entice the crowds. We have a whole host of gobo lights that will do that job for you. Sit back and enjoy (with a glass of eggnog) our Christmas lighting ideas.

Snowflake Gobo

We can’t mention Christmas lighting ideas without a snowflake gobo. It just so happens that we have a huge Christmas giveaway to help with your festive venue lighting… If you purchase one of our high-quality gobo projectors, you’ll receive five free snowflake gobos. Imagine the scene you could create outside your pop up restaurant, for example, with these bar lights. We have a huge number of snowflake gobo lights, and this break up gobo is nothing short of beautiful. Available on monochrome glass, the light projects clear and crisp images onto the surface outside of your venue to draw in customers. Alternatively, if you happen to have seating in your pop up bar, you could project the lighting on the ceiling for a true winter wonderland.

Bar Gobo

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If you are looking for simple, sophisticated and clear venue lighting, you can’t go wrong with this bar light. The bar sign gobo is exceptional for helping your temporary venue stand out from the crowd; particularly if you happen to be hosting your venue at a Christmas market. The gobo displays the word ‘bar’ and can be used outdoors, as well as indoors. You could even use this to highlight certain areas within your venue if you have a large area to do so. The gobo light saves you having to place stickers or signs around the venue and is much more cost-effective for temporary venues.

Custom Text Gobo

Speaking of text lighting ideas, you could opt for a custom gobo. Custom text gobos are perfect for self-promotion during the holidays, as you can indulge in logo projection at your pop up stall. Use an outdoor gobo projector and showcase the name of your venue outside the entrance to your pop up bar. Even if those customers don’t happen to walk through your door, they are still stepping over your logo and are likely to glance at the gobo light on their way. How often do you see gobo lights on the high street? We have a range of fonts available for your Christmas lighting ideas, and you can even upload your own artwork rather than the name of your venue.

Sign Lighting

Our range of sign lighting come in handy for all events. An exceptional event lighting tip is to forget about stickers or standard signs, and project them onto the walls of your temporary venue instead. Rather than stick to the traditional method of a sign displaying the way to the toilets, opt for a gobo light and dazzle your guests. We also have arrow lighting that could point your guests way into your bar (any encouragement helps), or to certain areas within your pop up restaurant, for example.

Glasses Gobo

If you are opening a pop up bar or pop up restaurant, you could do with our glasses gobo. The venue lighting for your temporary place needn’t be boring. Above the bar area, you could project the image of these glasses clinking to signal this is where your guests can purchase drinks, or you could even project the image outside. To showcase exactly what your temporary venue is for, the glasses gobo lights are perfect. If you can’t celebrate at Christmas, when can you?

We have a whole host of event lighting tips for Christmas, along with how to use particular lights at your bar. If you would like to discuss your venue lighting options further, or have any questions regarding gobo lights, feel free to get in touch with one of our team today.

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