Bonfire Night Party Ideas and Gobo Lights Inspiration

Bonfire Night Party Ideas and Gobo Lights Inspiration

Should you be throwing a bonfire night party, we’ve got all of the decoration inspiration you need; from food, fireworks and gobo lighting. 

Our Top 5 Bonfire Night Party Ideas

We love any kind of event or party at Projected Image. We have ideas for all manner of functions, and we’re sharing our top bonfire night party ideas for you to get the most out of the popular holiday. 

Firework Gobo

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If there’s one thing you can expect with any bonfire night party, it’s fireworks. However, if you’re hosting an indoor party and the air is a little too chilly for you, opt for a firework gobo instead. Our firework gobo lights up any room and creates a stunning illusion of lighting gobo patterns, perfectly mirroring a firework. Our gobo lights are crisp, clear and provide stunning backdrops to any event, and this gobo light is one of our most popular.

Firework lights don’t have to just involve actual fireworks… Our firework gobo can even be projected outdoors. We have a vast range of gobo projectors - including outdoor gobo projectors - that enables you to project the image of the fireworks onto the side of a building. The bonfire night party ideas are endless when it comes to gobo lights. 


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As much as fireworks have a place at bonfire night parties, so do sparklers. In fact, you can’t have one without the other. You can pick up sparklers in the run up to bonfire night from most stores, and we cannot recommend them enough - even if they are just for bonfire night decorations. 

Should you want to transform your party venue beyond your wildest dreams, you could even add one of our gobo lights in the form of a firework gobo. Projecting the image of a sparkler shaped firework at your party, or even outside with the use of an outdoor gobo projector, you can catapult your event to a whole new level. 

Cosy Decorations

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Bonfire night parties are, typically, cosy and warm - it is the start of winter, after all. One of our favourite bonfire night party ideas are blankets, and lots of them. At some point, it’s more than likely you will be taking your guests outside for a spectacular firework display (unless you have on of our gobo lights…), and to ensure a memorable show (and your guests stay warm), you could set up dedicated blanket stalls. Take inspiration from Pinterest and create a ‘Please Snuggle’ stand, or even table, with rolled up blankets. 

Seating Areas

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We love a cosy seat as much as the next person, and instead of expecting your guests to stand - provide them with comfy and cosy seating. You can create all manner of seats, with a quick scour of Pinterest, and it’s your opportunity to get creative. You could even throw some rugs over the grass and give your event a rustic look that is so popular in 2017. We even boast tree gobos that you could project inside your venue to further amplify the enchanted forest feel. 

Fairy Lights 

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Fairy lights are another fantastic option for your bonfire night party. Explore websites, such as lights4fun, that offer a vast range of fairy lights for all events. The lights will provide a wonderful backdrop to your party, and further complement the cosy, winter theme. 


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Alternatively, you can opt for flickering candles that provide a fantastic ambiance as you watch the fireworks. Instead of real candles, as you may have children at the bonfire night party, Party Pieces have a range of fake tea light candles that will do the job, and can be used repeatedly. Christmas is only around the corner, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a use for them. 


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If there’s one thing we love about the arrival of bonfire night, and the bonfire night party ideas that go with it, it’s the food. Think hotdogs, candyfloss and toasted marshmallows - bonfire night provides some of the tastiest snacks for your event. Party Delights have accessories available to display your food, from a hot dog stand to hot dog trays, to toffee apple sticks and even candy popcorn boxes. 

To discuss the gobo lights options for your bonfire night party, get in touch with one of our team today who will be more than happy to discuss the options for custom gobos and take you through the gobo catalogue