An Environmental Insight To Business Sign Disposal

An Environmental Insight To Business Sign Disposal
Many people now believe that traditional plastic signs that promote a product or a service is a thing of the past. Due to the advancements in technology and quirkier forms of advertising, the possibilities to stand out from the crowd, while being environmentally friendly, are endless.
To capture the attention of passerby’s, a lot of businesses are opting for projectors to showcase their logo and other campaign materials — such as sale and buy one get one free ‘signs’. Unlike plastic alternatives, these illuminated signs can capture anyone’s attention and drive forward a message.
The products themselves are much more tailored to what businesses want, from being cost efficient to not requiring a lot of maintenance work. Plastic signs are notorious for breaking and can become quite a regular expense for businesses — whether this is replacing a missing letter or having a fresh coat of paint.
Businesses are now beginning to choose gobos, as they are extremely cheap and will last a long time. As well as this, they’re much easier to dispose of in comparison to plastic!

Projected forklift sign in a factory.
Directional signage using gobo projection

The impact on the planet

We can’t deny that the amount of produced plastic is having a damaging impact on our environment. Made from non-renewable resources, the manufacturing and incineration of the product pollutes the air, land and water while releasing toxins that can have a harsh impact on the wider society.

Because of the cheapness of the material, it’s estimated that the planet produces around 300 million tonnes each year. But what may seem like a positive financially is outweighed by the countless negatives that come with its use.

Did you know that 50% of plastic is used once and then disposed of? Is this then recycled? Apparently not. Studies have shown that only 12% of plastic is actually recycled and properly dealt with in a way that can cause less harm to the environment. The area that accounted for the highest plastic usage was in packaging — occupying around 40%.

As a result, more businesses are beginning to remove the use of plastic from their operations. In England for example, stores with over 250 employees have been instructed to charge their customers 5p for a plastic carrier bag to reduce plastic bag use and encourage people to support the ‘bag-for-life scheme’. Since this initiative was introduced in 2015, plastic bag use has dropped by 80% in the country, which highlights the success of such necessary measures.

A common topic of conversation currently, is how plastic is making its way into the ocean and harming marine life. Dame Ellen McArthur has claimed that the amount of plastic in our ocean will outweigh the number of fish by 2050, which is becoming seemingly more realistic by the day.

Were you aware that around eight million tonnes of plastic heads into the ocean? This has led to one in three marine mammals being tangled in litter. So much so, that 50% of turtles have consumed plastic and 90% of seabirds have had pieces of plastic wedged in their stomachs. But this is an issue that can make its way back to the land. For example, once plastic has been in the ocean for a while, chemicals will be released which could potentially be inhaled by fish — this then has the potential to contaminate our food supply chain and cause greater problems to human health.

Getting rid of plastic

If you’re a business owner, you must take it into your own hands and make appropriate decisions around plastic use. There are countless steps that you can take to make your company eco-friendlier in a way that you can cut down costs at the same time.

Look at areas of your business where you could possibly reduce its use. Instead of replacing your old, torn outdoor notice, opt for a revolutionary gobo that utilizes the finest areas of technology while making your business look good.

Have you considered informing your staff about eco-friendliness in the workplace and at home? If you have a water dispenser in your office and find yourself constantly replacing it with plastic cups — why not invest in reusable bottles? From this, you’ll be able to cut down on the cost of plastic cups while helping your staff become more proactive with the use of their products.

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