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A DJs Guide On How to Use Gobos

A DJs Guide On How to Use Gobos

Don’t be Cheesy

Let us face it most themed events can look a bit cheesy on a budget. The key to making sure you are using gobos like a lighting designer is a combination of where and how you are using them. For example, a heart break up on a dance floor which only covers a small space isn’t going to look classy. However, if you position your projector to fill the full floor or even better turn it to face the ceiling this creates atmosphere and can make a space look incredible. Take a look at a break up filling a space to add to a theme. As you can see by the image below the same gobo is used in two very different way!

Maximise profit

We have priced our wedding gobos at £49 so you can make a nice mark up on offering this service. You can place our template designs on your website to show potential customers. DJ’s are charging as much as 3 times the cost of the gobo to projector this on the big day. Also, use gobos to advertise your own services and brand with contact information as below.

Get more bookings

As the DJ market becomes more saturated and becomes easier for bedroom DJ’s to offer their services with only a laptop wedding DJ’s need to make sure they are offering that bit extra and making the wedding couple feel looked after and special. Adding lighting to you DJ package can make sure that you are beating that cheaper quote and going that extra mile and can help secure corporate booking when you can brand a company event.

Create Atmosphere

Atmosphere at events is usually a key part to measure if they were successful or not. Lighting can be an integral part of this. Too much light and a party can feel cold and stark, not enough and it can come across and dingy.  Make sure you are using colours that match themes or even branded colours for corporate events and with our new range of palette colours to save money. Using up lighters to accent a building décor or for example, Christmas events are usually a business time for use creating festive winter wonderlands.


Gobos can be shone on the outside of the reception venue as guests arrive, to mark the venue as their own. Another common use is above a top table while the speeches are taking place. Not only does this make a great focal point, but the gobo also looks amazing in the wedding photos.  The classic use is on a dance floor to create movement and attract people to bust out some moves.

Theme An Event

Themed wedding and events are a huge trend but props can be expensive. Sell your services to theme an event with gobo lighting.  Using our range of catalogue gobos can theme anything from a 20’s Great Gatsby soiree (below) to a medieval styled Game Of Thrones romp from £49.

Choosing the right Projector

If you haven’t got a gobo projector already you basically have 2 types, which to chose from, a moving head or a static projector with a rotator.  The moving head is the more expensive and will activity throw light around a space for you and used for lighting displays. Static gobo projectors are used to wash a room or for a monogram or text image, these usually have a rotate function, which can add movement at 360º. We currently stock a range of static projectors that are perfect for most DJs working in small to large venues, which can be found here. Our 40-Watt projectors are ideal for your average size venue and our 80 Watts work in larger rooms with more space to fill. We also provide IP rated weatherproof version of both these projectors for use outdoors.
In-House Manufacturing Our gobos are delivered straight from our in-house lab to your doorstep.