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7 Essential Event Planning Tips for Organisers in 2018

7 Essential Event Planning Tips for Organisers in 2018

There is a huge number of factors to consider when looking for event planning tips, such as locating the perfect venue - accessible for all guests - sourcing the right suppliers and guests. While decoration and event lighting is hugely important for the atmosphere, there are event planning basics to pin down first. We’re sharing our seven essentials for organising the perfect party in 2018, so you have all bases covered.


We’ve hosted plenty of events in the past and understand how easy it is to focus on the guests and party pieces. However, location is the most crucial factor of event planning basics. You must take the location into consideration when scouring for venues. Is your site easily accessible for all guests? Is it a little too far from the city centre? Does the venue have parking available for guests? These are all questions that should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to organising your event, and can seriously affect the number of responses you receive. To ensure your event is a success, always choose a sensible and achievable location.


Suppliers are crucial to your event. Should you be hosting a corporate trade show, the suppliers showcasing their services must be relevant to the industry and your guests. It’s also worth considering the number of suppliers you host at the venue. Too little and your event can seem dull, but too many and it becomes overwhelming for attendees. One of our biggest event planning tips is to look into local suppliers, who can provide the personal touch when it comes to the occasion. The location of your event will also affect the number of suppliers, and the particular vendors, you choose.


If you are hosting a large number of suppliers at your event, for a corporate trade show, for example, delivery is a huge factory. Can they get to the location? Is the venue accessible for large-scale deliveries? You also need to take into account equipment for your event. Will you be taking deliveries for lighting equipment, the bar and catering? Your location must be suitable to handle all options.


The event planning basics are often forgotten but can affect the success of your party and even your reputation. It’s unlikely there will be an incident at your event, but it’s best to prepare for one. This involves emergency exits, health and safety and first aid. If someone goes missing at your event, do you have a plan in place? If people need to exit the venue for whatever reason, are your staff prepared?

You also need to consider the accessibility of your venue. Can all guests enter the building? Does it have wheelchair access and functioning disabled toilets. These are all part of your event planning checklist.


Another tick to the event planning checklist is the venue itself. If you are hosting a festival or a rustic inspired event, an office building in the city centre will not suit your vision. Likewise, if you are throwing a corporate trade show, a barn in the countryside is not an option. One of our most valuable event planning tips is to pair your venue with your vision. The venue must represent the idea, and your brand, as well as factor in all the other considerations mentioned above. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s all worthwhile when it comes to event planning help.


If you are on the hunt for event planning help, look to your venue lighting. How your venue is illuminated and, subsequently, designed affects the atmosphere and mood of your guests. Lighting ideas can include the use of colour, temperature of the room, lighting equipment and fixtures and even various types of lighting. An event lighting tip is to look at the fixtures, especially if you are hoping to showcase unique lighting, such as gobo lights. Gobo lights require gobo projectors, but your venue may already have those available. Always double check with your venue as to what equipment they boast, before lighting up your venue.

Colour and temperature is also a top lighting tip for 2018, with colour pops a huge trend for 2018. Red and purple hues, typically, reflect warmth and are best for an intimate party, whereas white lighting helps project space at the venue; ideal for trade shows. Analyse what type of vibe you would like to create at your event, complementing the theme with the right lighting ideas.


Once you have researched all other factors when it comes to event planning ideas, you can start on the decoration. Your event decoration must reflect your brand and theme, while still providing excitement for your guests (it’s a lot to take in…). However, as an event planning tip, we recommend looking through Pinterest for ideas. Every theme you can possibly imagine has a home on Pinterest, and it will provide you with enough detail for all of your events in 2018.

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