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6 Tips on How to Throw the Best Wedding Ever

6 Tips on How to Throw the Best Wedding Ever

You’ve got a lot of things to consider when attempting to throw the best wedding ever: lighting, decoration, food and the all-important open bar. To ensure your wedding reception stands out, you must cover all bases while still keeping the day personal. There is a lot to consider, but we are sharing our top six tips for organising your wedding.


Don’t be afraid of colour. Blush whites and pastel hues may be popular, but injecting a pop of colour can add personality and fun to your wedding venue. Colour can take many forms; whether that be colourful paper lanterns, vibrant cake pops on the catering table or even colourful wedding lighting. Vibrant colours, such as bright gobo lights, are wonderful wedding ideas as they add interest to an otherwise pastel and minimalist environment.


Wedding lighting plays a huge role in the 2018 wedding trends. Wedding lighting ideas take into account both indoor and outdoor, and you should utilise the full potential to illuminate your venue. For example, gobo lights cast brilliant illusions on the dance floor, or any chosen surface. You can opt for a wedding gobo, displaying both yours and your partner’s name and the date of your big day, and take your first dance under or over them. Alternatively, you can create an enchanted fairytale and project an image of the forest sky on the ceiling of your venue. You can, quite literally, dance under the stars with your guests with this form of gobo lighting.

At Projected Image, we have a vast range of wedding gobos available; from wedding monogram gobos to lighting gobo patterns of nature, flowers and even city skylines. You can find all of the gobo lights in our gobo catalogue, along with gobo projectors.


Your wedding day should be a true reflection of you and your partner, and everything that you enjoy. The cake, decor, even the signature cocktails (which we recommend) should be a representation of your style. That said, Pinterest and Instagram are essential for wedding planning ideas. Photo booths, catering vans and sweet stalls all started on Pinterest, and are now some of the biggest wedding trends of 2018. One of our top wedding ideas is to think about what you really want and would like to see at your venue, before typing the likes of ‘pretty garden weddings’ into Pinterest for additional tips.

Outdoor Lighting

You should never forget outdoor lighting ideas when planning your wedding - particularly in 2018. Outdoor lighting is experiencing a massive boom this year, with more and more Pinterest images displaying hanging lights and festoon lighting among others. These outdoor lighting ideas can even complement your indoor lighting, further reflecting the cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere you have created in the venue. Hanging outdoor lighting, such as the ones mentioned above, can make the outdoor space more inviting, and strengthen the enchanted fairytale image. You could drape fairy lights at wide angles between trees for a cascading waterfall effect, and wrap them around outdoor plants. Wedding venue lighting is hugely important for your wedding theme and can ensure your wedding stands out in the minds of all of your guests. Add to that; beautiful wedding lighting ideas also look brilliant in the photos.


Props is an umbrella term for accessories at your wedding. You could get props for a photo booth, or even tap into the popularity of social frames - such as an Instagram border - displaying the particular hashtag for your wedding. You could also line the aisle with flowers, or even gorgeous pastel balloons that are taking over Pinterest. There is a wealth of wedding ideas for props, and it’s worth looking into all possibilities to ensure you throw the best wedding ever.

Wedding Entertainment

Don’t forget your wedding entertainment. We rate wedding games as high as the decor and wedding venue lighting. When your guests need to rest their feet after dancing, what’s better than an interactive game? Topping the list of most wedding ideas, wedding games are excellent for breaking the ice with guests who may not know each other, while injecting a healthy dose of competition between the newlyweds… You could play oversized Jenga, croquet for outdoor weddings or even look into event entertainment hire of large-scale games.

If you would like to discuss gobo lights and the lighting ideas for your wedding, you can make an enquiry at the bottom of the page.

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