10 Creative Uses for Gobos

10 Creative Uses for Gobos

The Trade Show

You have a stand at a tradeshow and of course you will want to make it draw in as much footfall as possible. The boss suggests dressing an employee up as the company mascot, the managing partner wants effective networking (leafleting) and your colleagues are shying away from small talk and possible humiliation.
Well the easiest way to draw attention to your company/business in a large, busy space is by using a gobo. Project your logo on the wall above your stand or on the floor in front of it and you won’t be missed.
People’s memories are prompted by strong visuals so make sure you give us a call or visit our online gallery to see what we could do for you and your business.

The Corporate Event

Can we have a balloon arch with our logo on or maybe branded bottles of wine? If you work as an event executive/professional in a large company over several locations, a gobo could be the ideal solution to budgeting and making the biggest impact with the least effort and expense. Our range of custom gobos and portable projectors can be transported easily, set up in minutes and can be projected onto any surface.
Not only will all the guests or delegates be impressed with the look of your set up, the money saved on pointless branded novelties will certainly impress the finance team and of course your boss.

The Large Venue

Sometimes you need a large venue for your event, whether it is a student recruitment fair or a comic book convention. These larger spaces like sports halls or function rooms can sometimes look bland, have out dated décor or just be a very blank canvas.
You can solve this problem with one of our catalogue gobos; you can project simple patterns onto walls, ceilings or floors to create texture or theme the space to suit your needs.
Our woodland or jungle gobo could be great for a camping display or images like chandeliers can create a sense of grandeur and a beautiful focus point.

The Marriage Proposal

Proposals are becoming a competitive business and now with social media, everybody gets to rate your effort. It’s a social and romantic minefield.
Can’t get time off for a romantic break to Paris, your best friend proposed to his girlfriend in your favourite restaurant or is Christmas just too obvious?
Trying to come up with an original way to say “Marry Me” is getting increasing difficult but we have the answer. Use a gobo! If you purchase a gobo projector from us you will get a unique customised gobo free of charge and you can use the projector not only for your proposal but also at your wedding and then for other important life events (as below). Your friends will be begging to borrow it.

The Wedding

You’ve made your proposal and the answer was yes, you may have even used a gobo for the proposal. So what next? Well the humble gobo is currently huge trend in weddings in the US and that trend is beginning to make its way over to British shores. Sometimes referred to as monogram lighting, gobos can be used to project the brides and grooms names or initials above the top table or onto the dance floor for that all-important first dance.
Ask your wedding DJ or venue about what lighting they provide and they should have gobo projectors in situ for this.

Alternatively check out our gobo projectors here.

The Music Festival

 With most music festivals being held outdoors in the summer months you may not feel gobos would work. Well every music festivals will have at least one tent and this is usually where you go to hear dance music. Most DJ want to incorporate a light show of some description into their set. Gobos work perfectly in moving lights and have been used to create patterns, break ups and atmosphere in dances tents across the world.

The Theatre

Gobos have been an essential in theatre and stage production since they were invented.  They are one of the oldest lighting effects used on stage for their reliability, price and ease of use. Mostly used to project scenery or to give atmosphere, gobos can project anything from windows and doors for indoor scenery, to clouds and foliage for outdoor. We have a varied and vast catalogue to choose from but if you need something bespoke we can produce your custom design in 1 full working day.

The Pop-Up Shop or Restaurant

 Increasingly popular in the UK are pop-up shops and restaurants, these businesses occupy a space for a short period of time in different locations.  This means gobos are the ideal technology for your pop-up, easy to install in any location and easy to transport to the next. It can project your branding onto the street, building or interior space to let everyone know who you are and that you are open for business. With our discrete affordable projectors you can get a free mono glass gobo with your logo to make sure your pop-up has maximum impact and reaps maximum profits.

The Product Launch

 Product launches can sometimes make or break your marketing strategy, not to mention your budget.  Great PR and good digital campaigns are certainly important but within the retail environment a new product can easily be overlooked when using traditional point of sale methods alone. By using a gobo as part of your in-store marketing, you can highlight your product in situe to garner attention and draw in footfall.  Gobos used during product launch events or in the retail spaces selling your product, reinforces your brand and product by quite literally putting it in lights.

The Museum

Museums often have tight budget and get heavy footfall, gobos can be used in several ways to either direct people around the latest exhibition space as text signage or to highlight area/parts of interest. One of our gobos was used in the exhibition for the Richard III display in Leicester, projecting the shape of the bones where they were dug up in the car park. After the original bones were removed for further historical examination our custom gobo was used to show visitors the exact placement of where the bones lay.