Bubbles of Serenity Art Exhibition

Gobo projection for 'Bubbles of Serenity' art exhibition by Lucy Hardcastle.

Bubbles of Serenity was a multi-sensory art installation by Lucy Hardcastle, crafted to depict nature's seasonal changes.

Our client approached us after encountering challenges with their previous projector supplier. Lacking expertise in large-scale outdoor projects, they supplied units that proved inadequate for the exhibition's environment. The gobo projectors were not bright enough for the area, detracting from the intended immersive experience

Recognising the importance of precise projection for art exhibitions, our team of projection experts devised a solution.

Utilising our vast expertise in large scale outdoor events, we recommended 200-watt gobo projectors renowned for their high lumens and outdoor suitability (IP65 rating). These gobo projectors delivered vivid, captivating bubble projections that were highly visible, even with light pollution, captivating exhibition attendees.

Through precise calculations and keystone correction, we ensured that the artwork would be displayed without distortion, ensuring the artist's vision was displayed to visitors.

In conclusion, the Bubbles of Serenity Art Exhibition really drives home the importance of having the right expertise and equipment for a big event. We jumped in and fixed the issues the client was facing with their gobo projections, showing our dedication to giving clients exactly what they need. With Projected Image, it's not just about flashy sales – it's about years of industry experience, high quality products and top customer service. Ready to make your event shine? Get in touch with us today to chat with our projection experts.